Helldivers 2 player finds abandoned mechs on new planet

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The Helldivers 2 mech rollout just keeps on getting better and better. Following the recent announcement that the mechs were in production and set to hit the game soon, a surprise event started. Now, players are required to liberate the planet where the mech factories are located before they’ll be added to the game. But that’s not stopped a few mechs popping up anyway.

In a post on Reddit, u/Ameer589 showed off a video where they came across an abandoned mech lying in what appears to be an old camp. After looting the area for some Requisition Slips, they head over to the mech to check it out, finding out that it’s completely functional.

Unfortunately, they didn’t show off the mech in combat, with some people like u/TheShmud replying ‘How could you stop the video before showing us the thing firing’. OP did respond, however, noting that the mech had a Gatling gun on its right arm with a few hundred rounds on it and a rocket launcher with a whopping 14 rockets on its left arm.

It looks like these abandoned mechs are going to be just as rare as the random spawns for players in the last few weeks, but seeing even more footage just ramps up the hype even more. Arrowhead Game Studios have played a blinder with this mech rollout, and we haven’t seen excitement for an update in a game like this in years.

All this excitement is still around even after the most recent patch, which saw the studio have to explain some of the nerfs they made following backlash from the community. So if you’re helping to liberate Tien Kwan, make sure you’re locked and loaded with the best weapons and best armour possible.