Helldivers 2 mech rollout delayed as developers drop surprise event

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We all thought that mechs were finally making their way to Helldivers 2 with a recent announcement from the developers, but it doesn’t look like that’s the case anymore. A new announcement has taken players by surprise, with the mech rollout seemingly delayed by a brand-new event for players to take on.

On 5 March, the official Helldivers 2 social media accounts released a propaganda-style poster featuring the new mechs. The poster stated that the EXO-45 Patriot Exosuits were in production on the planet Tien Kwan, and that they would be coming to the game soon, sparking excitement that an update was right around the corner.

But today, that’s all been put on hold with a brand new announcement stating that production on the Exosuits has been halted, with the factories on Tien Kwan coming under attack. In response, Helldivers are set to be deployed to the planet to help liberate it once more.

Image captured by VideoGamer

It looks like we aren’t getting our hands on the mechs easily, and we’ll have to complete an event to liberate the planet if we want them to be added to the game. This follows up on the loss of the fan-favourite planet Malevelon Creek, so players are sure to be eager to get their revenge too.

This is just the latest in a series of brilliant marketing ploys that developers Arrowhead Game Studios have been using. Initially, the mechs were only available to a select few lucky players, with clips of them emerging online and building up a massive hype for them.

The event to liberate Tien Kwan is set to be an incredible culmination to this saga, with players having to actually earn the update rather than just getting it for free. So far, the game has massively changed-up how live service games can operate, and it will be interesting to see if other studios are taking notes.

In the meantime, players are going to need their best weapons and armour if they want to free Tien Kwan from its siege. So get back out there and keep spreading democracy across the cosmos.