Helldivers 2 leaks suggest massive addition coming to the game soon

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Helldivers 2 leaks have just arrived. The game has been a smash hit, but fans of the game have been wanting more from the developers. As it currently has an iron grip on the gaming community, it’s worth wondering if or when that will end. With more content planned for the future, there’s reason to believe that their grip on multiplayer gaming could extend for a very long time. A new leak shows the next big addition to the game, and it’s a pretty substantial one. [Spoilers ahead].

Helldivers 2 leaks indicate mechs are headed to the scene

Helldivers 2 has done a great job equipping players with what they need to fight for Super Earth and defeat the Automatons, the recent loss at Malevelon Creek notwithstanding. Nevertheless, more reinforcements and better weapons are always welcome in this war.

This Reddit post suggests a pretty massive weapon is headed gamers’ way: mechs. The automated machinery that can seriously upgrade the firepower of a single player was seen in this video shared by u/fozzye18 to the subreddit. It indicates that they’re on the way.

Some leaks can be totally unreliable, but it’s hard to ignore this one. It’s clearly being used within the game, with a Helldivers 2 player doing unique things with the mech. While AI video-making has just dropped onto the scene, it definitely seems as if this is a legitimate leak.

With that in mind, there’s no telling when these mechs will make it into the game. Players have been hard at work waging war and trying to win over planets, and most will welcome a bit of impressive firepower to help them wipe things out quicker.

The developers have not confirmed this, so take it with a grain of salt. Mechs appear to be on the way, but we can’t guarantee that they’ll be seen soon if at all. That’s all you need to know for the latest Helldivers 2 leaks, but be sure to check out the latest patch and what the CEO has in store.