Helldivers 2 fansite tracks planet status to aid the galactic war

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With planets that constantly regenerate enemy forces, focusing your efforts in Helldivers 2’s Galactic War can be hard. Knowing where your allies need assistance can be tough when you want a concentrated strike against the Terminid and Automaton forces. That’s why a fan developed a Helldivers 2 fansite that tracks planet status for you.

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An image of a Helldivers 2 fansite showing planet status. Image captured from Helldiver.io.

Check out this Helldivers 2 fansite for planet status

Helldiver.io is an incredible resource for tracking the game’s progress when you aren’t near your gaming device. Check liberation percentages from work or outside your home with ease. It’s also got player counts for all the planets and the rate at which enemies fight, letting you focus your efforts accordingly. 

This fan has done the math for players so that they can focus on the bug hunts and robot destruction sprees. Each planet regenerates health and this affects how long it will take a planet to be liberated. Players will have to beat missions faster than this regeneration to lower the planet’s health. For instance, even with 44K players, Meridia could use more players to stop the opposing tide of foes.

While there’s no harm in picking any planet that requires assistance, failure to liberate certain planets can hold the entire community back from finishing Major Orders. And with the return of daily missions, some players may prioritize those over the galactic war itself. It’s an interesting way to split the player base. If every player were to optimally play the game, planets could be liberated quickly. But there’s more than a single planet being invaded at any given moment so you’ll need Helldivers facing alien threats across multiple regions to stall their advance.

This fansite is a great way to stay updated on what’s happening in Helldivers 2. For more on the game, check out our Helldivers 2 best ship modules and how to emote in the game.