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Strapped for cash? We have a guide for Haze Piece Gems right here! Find out how to earn more Gems quickly and shower in riches.

Haze Piece is the Roblox experience inspired by One Piece. With plenty of immersive quests and familiar faces, you can explore the lands and become the strongest pirate! (Or marine, but who is really choosing that option?). Consume devil fruits to become even stronger with strange and powerful abilities. Battle alongside or against friends, and watch as your bounty soars the more fun you have.

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Haze Piece Gems

Every pirate needs riches!

What Are Gems?

Gems are a Haze Piece in-game currency, placing rarer than their regular coin balance. This makes Gems sought after amongst players, whether it is for simply flexing your riches, or putting the Gems to use for upgrades. From spinning for Races to gaining power, Gems are something players tend to seek in high quantity. So here are a few ways!

How To Get Gems!

There are a few ways to get Gem rich in Haze Piece, so here are some ideas for you to try next time you log in!

Daily Rewards

This one seems obvious, but opening your Daily Gift Box may very well be hiding those precious purple Gems inside! Logging in daily, even if you don’t plan to play, could grow your gem collection passively over time.

Win Gems From Defeating Bosses

Secondly, you can try tackling the Bosses! Bosses drop Gems amongst other loot the instant they perish. Each new boss you face will be more profitable than the last, since they’ll be tougher to conquer, but, more riches!

Quests Completion

Lastly, try taking a break from the story and do some simple pre-set tasks for NPCs around the maps. They’ll offer different rewards depending on the work they want you to complete. Some tasks are as simple as shifting barrels, some however will require combat. Either way, you’ll leave a few Gems richer upon completion!