February 3, 2023

Enjoyable story: I didn’t know what Qbasic Gorillas was known as for over 20 years.

As a child, we’d confer with it merely as “The Banana Recreation”. I needed to depend on my Dad to play it, as solely he was in a position to entry an unfathomable portal known as “DOS”, summoning it out of the inky void utilizing lengthy strings of seemingly random letters; an incantation that gave it a form of mystical attract.

Liam and Ed lately investigated how a lot time World of Warcraft takes up in your life for the primary episode of Stock House.

The sport itself is easy. Two bushy beasts are plonked reverse each other on the rooftops of a randomly generated cityscape. Gamers take it in turns to enter the speed and angle of their throw, earlier than the gargantuan gorillas hoy their bananas in direction of their foe. The bananas – naturally – explode upon influence, and the sport is gained when one gorilla is obliterated by a blast of white scorching potassium.

The sport itself is no matter. A enjoyable timewaster. However for 20 years I assumed I had dreamed it. Every time I’d casually point out it to associates they’d furrow their brows and specific concern. “Do you imply Worms?”. No, I didn’t imply Worms. I get that it feels like Worms. However Worms didn’t function two flexing apes, and to be sincere it was all the more severe for it. It wasn’t till lately that my good friend’s spouse was current for one in all my determined pleas of recognition and casually referred to it by its precise title: Qbasic Gorillas.

I used to be nearly dissatisfied that it was actual. I’d grown fairly keen on the narrative that I alone had entry to one thing for all these years, an expertise that was seemingly solely shared by my Dad and I, huddled round a tiny CRT monitor within the mid 90s.

So have you ever performed Qbasic Gorillas? Possibly. However I can assure you’ve by no means performed The Banana Recreation, its ethereal cousin that existed purely in my head for over 20 years.

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