Harry Potter: Best Non-Human Characters


  • Non-human characters in Harry Potter are often misunderstood and mistreated, but they have the potential to be loyal friends and allies.
  • Creatures like Aragog, Fawkes, and Dobby made sacrifices and showed intelligence, emotional maturity, and loyalty to their human companions.
  • These non-human characters play important roles in the Wizarding World, supporting what they believe is right and proving that they deserve respect and a second chance.

There are dozens of non-human characters in the Harry Potter universe that are iconic. Although often mistreated, they are mostly misunderstood creatures that often get the shortest end of the stick. Even if some have a taste for human flesh, it does not make them less of a friend to their loyal companion.


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Some others, although not shown in the Harry Potter series often, still serve a purposeful presence in the Wizarding World. Some even sacrifice themselves, putting their livelihood on the line to save their human friends. Although considered as Non-Human creatures and severely discriminated against in the Wizarding World, they support what they think is right. Their humans also think of them as friends, as not lowly creatures, unlike pure-blood maniacs.

7 Aragog

Dangerous But Loyal Spider

An image of Harry Potter: Aragog

Aragog has been friends with Rubeus Hagrid since his teenage years at Hogwarts. Hagrid, as an animal lover, including the dangerous kinds, has softened Aragog’s heart, although at least only for his half-giant half-human friend. Hagrid’s fascination with dangerous magical creatures might stem from his own experience as a hybrid himself, creating a special bond between the two.


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Aragog also can talk just like humans, so both of them had deep conversations over the years, until Aragog’s death before the Second Wizarding War. Unfortunately, Aragog does not have the same sentience as other humans, making him one of the most dangerous creatures that lived in the Forbidden Forest.

6 Fawkes

Dumbledore’s Undying Phoenix

An image of Harry Potter: Fawkes

Fawkes The Phoenix has been accompanying one of the greatest wizards in the whole of Britain, Albus Dumbledore, since 1938. As a Phoenix, Fawkes has magical benefits, including healing and immortality and rising from its ashes after death. Dumbledore treated Fawkes like an extension of himself; they were together most of the time, including when he ran away from the Ministry of Magic.

Not only that, Fawkes also helped Harry Potter defeat the Basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets, both blinding the Basilisk’s eyes with its feet and healing Harry’s venomous injury. This act of service proves Fawkes to be a creature of high intelligence and emotional maturity.

5 Peeves

The Chaotic Poltergeist

Hogwarts Legacy Peeves

Peeves is a poltergeist who resided at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as early as the school was first founded. The question of whether the schools or Peeves existed first is a matter of a chicken-and-egg situation; no one knows.

All that matters, Peeves always said, “I come with the building”. As the school’s prankster, along with The Weasley twins, Peeves is Mr. Filch’s number one enemy, pulling jokes and pranks left and right at everyone and everything, most notably Dolores Umbridge. Although a notorious prankster, Peeves also participated in the Battle of Hogwarts, cementing his true love for the school.

4 Buckbeak

The Majestic Hippogriff

An image of Harry Potter: Buckbeak

Almost succumbing to an unfair death sentence, Buckbeak is another non-human character that everyone adores. Thankfully for him, Buckbeak, whose name is later changed to Witherwings, was saved by Harry Potter and Hermione Granger, with the help of Time-Turner.

As a hippogriff, Buckbeak is a prideful creature that requires special treatment, as he can sense any disrespectful behaviors towards him. This proves his high intelligence, and he is always loyal to his humans; Sirius Black, Harry Potter, and Rubeus Hagrid. He also has many special abilities, including flying and helping Sirius Black to escape from the unfair trial he also faced.

3 Kreacher

Great Redemption Arc For This House-Elf

An image of Harry Potter: Kreacher

As a house-elf, Kreacher has been dedicating his life to the Black’s household. Kreacher most likely follows the majority of the Black’s ideology, supporting wizards’ blood purity and hating muggles, muggle-born, or half-blood wizards and witches. However, he is particularly loyal to Regulus Black and Harry Potter, changing his loyalty to the bright side.


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He even participated in the Battle of Hogwarts, leading the house-elves to support his masters. In his words, “Fight! Fight for my master, the defender of the house-elves! Fight the Dark Lord, in the name of brave Regulus! Fight!“. Although very hostile at first, it is proven that Kreacher is a misunderstood character who needs a second chance.

2 Hedwig

Harry’s Original Friend, A Faithful Owl

An image of Harry Potter: Hedwig

Hedwig had been attached to Harry Potter’s hip since they first met in 1991, as a gift from Rubeus Hagrid. Hedwig was a smart and loving snowy owl, and she particularly enjoyed her time being around her human companion. Her job was mainly to deliver mail for Harry, but most importantly, she was one of his first best friends.


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Although she could not speak the human language like Aragog, Hedwig and Harry formed a special bond as they spent the roughest time of their lives together in Privet Drive. Uncle Vernon, who disliked Harry and anything about magic, kept her in a cage, forcing her to be in confinement. Thankfully, they got each other’s backs and powered through every obstacle together, although she unfortunately passed during the Battle of the Seven Potters.

1 Dobby

The Free Elf

An image of Harry Potter: Dobby

Another great friend of Harry Potter whose sacrifice is one of the most heartbreaking and emotional moments in the entire series. As a former enslaved house-elf, Dobby used to serve the Malfoys, who often abused and mistreated him. Although enslaved, he did not hesitate to disobey Lucius Malfoy to save Harry Potter, as he knew his master’s plan with the Dark Lord to reopen the Chamber of Secrets.

He went as far as coming to Harry Potter’s residence in Privet Drive at that time. Dobby is later freed with the help of Harry, tricking Lucius into giving him a sock. He then worked in Hogwarts Kitchen with financial compensation, a life he enjoyed as he could be with his friends, the Golden Trio. Unfortunately, he was heavily injured after being stabbed by Bellatrix Lestrange, and Harry buried him in a proper muggle manner.

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