Hammerwatch Anniversary Edition gameplay

We have gameplay for Hammerwatch Anniversary Edition, which came to Switch this week alongside the sequel. This is an updated version of the 2013 title.

Here’s the official eShop overview containing more information:

Gather your heroes and prepare to delve into perilous labyrinths to defeat malicious beasts and foes. The Kingdom of Herian has been under torment since King Roland was overthrown by Blight the Horrible and his dragon army. The King’s treacherous brother, Lord Archibald, now sits on the throne as a puppet to Blight and his villainous desires.

Choose between seven hero classes, each with unique capabilities and playstyles. Brave hordes of deadly creatures alone, or band together with your noblest of champions in co-op mode available both online and locally. Take on the challenges that await in three different campaigns, or build your own custom scenario.

Hammerwatch Anniversary Edition beautifully remasters 2013’s original Hammerwatch in celebration of its 10th anniversary.

Embark on the new Shaftlocke Tower campaign, in addition to the already released Castle Hammerwatch and Sun Temple campaigns. Experience the game with new art and remade character classes with new effects, as well as a brand new item system, and more!

Key Features

• More to Explore – Experience a new campaign, Shaftlocke Tower in addition to the Castle Hammerwatch and Sun Temple campaigns
• Updated Graphics – Improved pixel art and remade character classes with new effects.
• New Item System – Expand your arsenal with an item system new to Hammerwatch that will allow you to store items that you can find or buy.
• Change the World – Better mod support with greatly expanded features. Note: Previous saves and mods are not compatible.
• New Difficulty Options – New difficulty setting for the more skilled players as well as new puzzles.
• Character Customization – Customization system new to the original game including six new character voices and four color palettes to choose from.

Watch the Hammerwatch Anniversary Edition gameplay below.


Hammerwatch Anniversary Edition is out now on Switch. It supports English, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Korean, Chinese (Simplified), and Chinese (Traditional).