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You’re gonna have to use the Hade’s RNG Crafting function if you want a nifty luck boost!  Each type of Gwa Gwa offers a variety of differing buffs, but how do you craft them?

Visit the Hade’s RNG Roblox page to meet Gwa Gwa. There’s also another game similar to this one but with anime characters! We’ve got an Anime RNG Characters guide that lists all obtainable characters from a multitude of series, and our Anime RNG Grimoires guide.

Hade’s RNG Crafting

To craft in Hade’s RNG, look for the giant orange cat wearing a cape and golden crown – the goodest boy of all. Speak to them and click anywhere on the green once he says ‘Gwa Gwa’.

Each craftable item and its required ingredients will pop up, and once you have all you need to craft, the crafting option will become available!

Water Gwa Gwa

When equipped with the Water Gwa Gwa, you receive a 1.4x boost to your luck and +20 luck.

Crafting Recipe

Planet Gwa Gwa

By equipping this Gwa Gwa, you get a x1.75 luck boost, extra item ESP, and +321 luck.

Crafting Recipe

Darkness Gwa Gwa

Equipping your character with the Darkness Gwa Gwa boosts your luck by 1.9x and gives you +25 luck!

Crafting Recipe

  • 2 Darkness auras
  • 5 Gwa Gwa

Binary Gwa Gwa

Having this Gwa Gwa equipped provides you with 2x luck, extra item ESP, and +100 luck.

Crafting Recipe

  • 3 Binary X auras
  • 6 Gwa Gwa

Murder Gwa Gwa

The Murder Gwa Gwa gives you +100 luck and that’s it!

Crafting Recipe

How to Obtain Gwa Gwa

As you can tell from the list above, you need quite a lot of ‘Gwa Gwa’ to craft. To obtain Gwa Gwa, you need to wander around the map whilst keeping a lookout for this item on the ground. It’s easy to spot, with it being a cat blob.

Not only do you use it for crafting, but you can also expand your storage by spending Gwa Gwa! The different Gwa Gwa variants above all differ in appearance depending on their type.