Gudnak Kickstarter Concludes With Over 10 Times Its Funding Goal

With 2023 coming to a close, various crowdfunding projects are wrapping up as well. One of these campaigns is for the tactical expandable card game Gudnak, the debut project by developer Chaotic Great. And for their first project, they did really well, raising more than ten times their initial goal.

The Gudnak Kickstarter

According to the official campaign page, Gudnak is a fast-paced competitive card game. Two to four players build a deck of 20 cards themed around one of several factions. Those cards are then played strategically in a 3×3 grid. The objective is to siege your opponent’s Stronghold before they do the same to you.

Cards are broken up into two types. Fighters are warriors that stay on the battlefield. They can move and attack until they are destroyed. Alternatively, Tactics can buff allies, disorient opponents, or add complications to the battlefield.

Time to see who will stand left.

As for the factions in Gudnak, there is a blend of familiar and exotic.

The Refractory are an army of zealous sun-worshipping knights. The Shardsworn Alliance is a group of monsters and demihumans with magical crystals. The Delguon are a group of subterranean mechanical demon worshippers. The Gloaming are an undead horde of skeletons and vengeful spirits.

Lastly, thanks to unlocked stretch goals, two more factions were added. The Auroxi are a group of nomadic arcane travelers. In fact, their strongholds are able to move. Finally, there are the Rotborn, a faction made up of plague doctors, spore-spewing fungi, and agents of decay.

Those new factions aren’t the only stretch goals unlocked by the Gudnak Kickstarter. In addition to new unit cards like the Lich and the Assassin, unlocked goals include a box insert, unique reprints of core cards, and even a unique comic book illustrated by Vittoria Pompalani and written by Tim O’Brien.

The Gudnak Kickstarter campaign concluded with $101,519. That is more than ten times its initial goal of $10,000. It is unclear if the game will have a retail release.

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