Guardian Tales season 2 to finish up with new World 18: Two Heroes update

  • The game is adding a new hero, the Plague Doctor
  • The Season 2 climax will be accompanied by in-game rewards and challenges
  • Guardian Tales will also reach its four-year anniversary this year

Kakao Games have announced a new update for Guardian Tales to finish up season 2 of the hit combat puzzler. World 18: Two Heroes will feature a new area to explore in the form of the titular World 18 as well as a new hero, the Plague Doctor.

The update will be accompanied by a celebration event, live as of the time of writing and persisting until February 19th. Players will receive 3,000 free gems for logging in, 50 free hero/equipment summons and exclusive rift stage missions, where players can earn points which they can then exchange for further rewards.

Puzzle me this

While we don’t know much about the Plague Doctor yet, Kakao games offer the ominous indication that this rather grim-looking character only appears to those willing to make the ‘ultimate sacrifice’. Oo-er here’s hoping that applies mainly to the enemy NPCs and not to the player!

Guardial Tales is a game that focuses on simple, but engaging puzzle and combat mechanics all within a retro pixel-art world that challenges players to accomplish dungeon-crawling challenges like no other. The game also celebrated its third anniversary in 2023 and will have been released for four years in July of 2024. And further cemented its retro-RPG credentials when it collaborated with famous fantasy anime Slayers back in 2022.

With Guardian Tales set to debut a whole new hero and more for this finale of season 2 we can only assume that there’s even more to follow. So if you want to keep up to date, check in with for more info as it comes! We have even more info on Guardian Tales, from tier lists to gift codes for you to check out!

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