GTA Online Clip Shows Unique Submarine Detail


  • Submarines in GTA Online visibly warp and distort under pressure when diving to extreme depths.
  • While there is a maximum diving depth of 500 feet, there are still valuable hidden treasures and Easter eggs to be found beneath the game’s oceans.
  • The recent discovery of the submarine hulls warping under pressure shows the attention to detail by the developers.

A player exploring the world of Grand Theft Auto Online has discovered a subtle detail about the game’s submarines, noting that the vehicles visibly warp and distort under pressure when diving to extreme depths. While the different submersible vehicles in GTA Online vary in terms of speed, durability, and performance, they all share a maximum diving depth of 500 feet below the surface, past which the piloting player is instantly killed.

Although the 500-foot instant-kill threshold provides a limit to undersea exploration in GTA Online, there is still a lot for determined treasure hunters to find beneath the game’s oceans. In addition to a plethora of valuable Hidden Caches full of loot, players can also find unique underwater Easter eggs like a crashed UFO at the bottom of Paleto Bay.


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Many players have explored the depths of GTA Online, but it seems that few have noticed a very subtle detail about the submersibles used in this exploration. A recent Reddit post by user ZonkedWizard shows the inside of a Kraken submersible in the deep ocean, close to the maximum diving depth. In the video, the walls of the vehicle can be seen subtly warping and contorting, presumably in response to the extreme water pressure surrounding the sub. Players hoping to see this phenomenon for themselves will need to buy a submersible of their own, some of which are among the best vehicles in GTA Online.

The comment section on ZonkedWizard’s post includes a lengthy discussion of the various secrets and Easter eggs hidden in the game’s oceans, including a mention of an underwater hatch where players can hear a rhythmic knocking sound. This knocking contains a secret message in Morse Code, translating to “Hey, you never call, how’d you fancy going bowling?” This is a reference to GTA 4 character Roman Bellic. Several commenters also expressed surprise that the game’s crush depth of 500 feet is not more widely known by the community, considering that GTA Online recently turned ten years old, and this feature has been in the game since its release a decade ago.

While the 500-foot crush depth for GTA Online submersibles is a well-documented phenomenon, the visual detail of submarine hulls warping and bending under pressure has not been documented or widely discussed before ZonkedWizard’s post. This small discovery speaks to the developers’ attention to detail in crafting the world of this much-beloved game. The amount of love and investment many players have in GTA Online may present a unique challenge for GTA 6’s online mode, as enfranchised players may be hesitant to move into a new version of the game they love where they are forced to start from scratch.

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