GTA 6 Joker threatens to team up with notorious hacker in saga’s latest twist

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After threatening Rockstar Games with litigation following the supposed use of his likeness in their GTA 6 trailer, the infamous ‘Florida Joker’ has now released a new clip, claiming that he plans on teaming up with a notorious GTA hacker to wreak even more havoc on the studio.

For those unfamiliar, Lawrence Sullivan, dubbed the ‘Florida Joker,’ in his brief video, is referring to the notorious 18-year-old GTA hacker Arion Kurtaj. Kurtaj, one of the people responsible for the massive Rockstar leak that saw tons of confidential information divulged, had previously been sentenced to an indefinite hospital order following his continued attempts at breaching high-profile companies, including Uber and Nvidia.

In his recently posted TikTok clip, Sullivan initially demanded “$10 million” for giving Rockstar and GTA 6 “free publicity,” as well as “[defamation of] character” and the “suffering and pain” he allegedly experienced. Afterward, he threatened to “break that kid out [of] the psych ward, give him a laptop, and hack [Rockstar’s] system again” if the company failed to comply with his request.

Now, this isn’t the first time the ‘Florida Joker’ has asked Rockstar for an absurd amount of money after Sullivan previously demanded $2 million following the GTA 6 trailer’s debut, claiming that his likeness was used in the teaser. Predictably enough, the GTA studio did not acquiesce to his original demand. Though Rockstar Games has yet to comment on these latest threats, it likely won’t be sending $2 million, let alone $10 million, to Sullivan any time soon.

Despite the drama and controversy surrounding GTA 6 in the lead-up to its launch, Rockstar’s next crime-laden installment is already shaping up to be a hit following its trailer’s near record-breaking release. Of course, if you want to know exactly when the GTA 6 release date will be, we’ve also got you covered.