Grisly Medical Sim Autopsy Simulator Returns With Fresh 2024 Release Window

Team17 and developer Woodland Games have “re-announced” their upcoming medical simulation title Autopsy Simulator, which is now scheduled for a 2024 release on PC.

As you might expect from the name, the game allows you to perform medical procedures on corpses a la The Mortuary Assistant, although whether or not this one will get a movie adaptation remains to be seen.

Autopsy Simulator will be significantly more grounded than The Mortuary Assistant, though; it doesn’t feature supernatural elements, instead focusing on a realistic approach developed in conjunction with “real-world forensic doctors”.

Autopsy Simulator is, as the name perhaps implies, not going to be a light-hearted affair.

The game will feature a story mode by the name of Dead Memories, which will revolve around Jack Hanman, a man who “must battle his inner demons” while performing a range of autopsy procedures.

Team17 and Woodland Games are calling Autopsy Simulator‘s story mode a “narrative-driven psychological horror experience”, so if you loved The Mortuary Assistant but wish it was less monster-focused, this sounds like the game for you.

Naturally, it’ll also feature medically accurate autopsy procedures and “gruesome anatomical detail”, so it’s definitely not one for the faint of heart.

Autopsy Simulator was originally set to launch for PC in late 2022, but was delayed in October that year, with the developers falling relatively quiet in the interim and no new release date being announced in the wake of the delay.

Now, however, the project has resurfaced, and Team17 and Woodland say they’ll announce a release date for Autopsy Simulator “soon”.

It looks like the game is just heading to PC for now, but perhaps if it performs well enough, then Woodland and Team17 will consider a console release. Who can say they don’t want to poke around inside dead bodies on PS5 or Xbox?

At any rate, you can wishlist Autopsy Simulator right now on PC via Steam if you want to keep up with its progress.