September 29, 2023

Grindstone Grind 4 Gold update

Capybara Games returns with another big update for Grindstone known as “Grind 4 Gold”.

Players can get their hands on a ton of new levels. Other highlights include new gold gear and an adjustment for the Fast Travel Map.

Here’s the full rundown of the update:

Grindstone Grind 4 Gold update patch notes

New Levels

Jorj is seen with his Capy Cap and Gold Armor on Level 183, near Retch Road.

  • Burning Bottoms can be found in the Volcanic Core, between Level 89 and 90!
  • Sepsis Sanctorium can be found in the Grindstone Temple, between Level 116 and 117!
  • Bologna Bunker can be found in the Slaughterhouse, between Level 147 and 148!
  • Retch Road can be found in the Lost Lair, between Level 181 to 183!

There are 10 levels in each of these new Creep caves, so that’s 40 NEW LEVELS to conquer! You better get going!

New Gear Set + Blueprints

Jorj in one of the new levels, equipped with all the new gold gear!

  • Gold Heavy Sword: A crowd favourite (literally, you voted for it)! Start your chain with 5 power, now with 6 uses! The blueprint can be found in the chest of the final level in Burning Bottoms.
  • Gold Spiked Shield: Block attacks and deal 1HP damage to attackers, now up to 6 times! The blueprint can be found in the chest of the final level in Sepsis Sanctorium.
  • Gold OK Boomerang: Throw the sword away and it will come back to you, up to 6 times! It can save your toes in lava levels! The blueprint can be found in the chest of the final level in Bologna Bunker.
  • Gold Armor: A (literal) lifesaver! Protects players from death when hit on the last heart, but breaks in the process. You’ll need to hoard your gold to repair this one! The blueprint can be found in the chest of the final level in Retch Road.

There are many ways to gain gold in Grindstone, but one of our favourite ways is doing the Daily Grind! Do a Quick Grind and get 5 gold? EZ.

Fast Travel Map Updated

  • The Fast Travel Map will now show you the percentage of completion for each biome and creep hideout on Grindstone Mountain! We hope to see some of you aiming for 100% across the board!

Hat Enchantment Bug Fix

It’s been fixed! The hat enchantments should now work as intended. Whether you initially got your hats from Harry’s Hat Stand or through the weekly challenges, the enchantments you earn will be in effect right away! That will be indicated by the star next to your hat. Unfortunately, we were not able to recover the enchantments you should have received beforehand. This is something we are still investigating.

All players on Switch can download the Grindstone “Grind 4 Gold” update now.


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