Green Hell Developer’s New Game Officially Named StarRupture, New Details Revealed

Green Hell developer Creepy Jar has revealed the official name of its upcoming sci-fi survival game, and that name is StarRupture.

Revealed as part of the 2023 PC Gaming Show, StarRupture was originally known as Chimera, but its new name reflects something that truly belongs to the studio, according to art director Krzystof Kwiatek.

The name also refers to the central star in StarRupture‘s solar system, which, according to game director Michał Stawicki, creates “extreme living conditions” for creatures on its neighboring planet.

If you liked Green Hell, you’ll probably like StarRupture too.

Stawicki and Kwiatek say that in order to survive in StarRupture, you’ll need to set up “complex mining and production networks”.

In the world of StarRupture, “waves of fire” will change your habitat, creating new dangers, but also new opportunities for you and your crew to thrive.

The game will also feature a complex ecosystem that has adapted to the harsh conditions created by the planet’s proximity to the burning star to which the title refers.

Rather tantalizingly, Kwiatek says that extreme weather conditions aren’t the only thing you’ll have to deal with on this planet.

Your efforts to survive “may awaken something else”, he says, and we get to see a brief glimpse of concept art sketches depicting alien creatures, as well as the eggs that may potentially birth them.

All in all, it looks like if you’re a fan of Green Hell, you’ll likely find a lot to enjoy in StarRupture, although the new game moves away from Creepy Jar’s previous focus on realistic environments.

We don’t have a release date for StarRupture yet, but you can wishlist the game on Steam right now.

Creepy Jar has also promised to release new developer diaries in the new year, focusing on StarRupture‘s development process, so you can look forward to those as well.