September 29, 2023

Grand Theft Auto VI might be following in the footsteps of the Saints Row “reboot” as another writer who has been with Rockstar Games for 16 years has vacated the studio.

This occurred after Lazlow Jones, a writer and producer for the series for 20 years, left the company for reasons unknown back in 2020 (20 year creative lead Dan Houser also left that same year).

The latest to vacate the company is Michael Unsworth, who served as a writer for Red Dead Redemption and a dialogue writer for Grand Theft Auto V and IV, Max Payne 3, LA Noire, Midnight Club: Los Angeles, and other games.

It is said this news was learned after Unsworth updated his LinkedIn profile to reflect his moving on from the company.

Back when Houser left Rockstar Games, parent company Take-Two downplayed his departure, saying that “things couldn’t be better” at the studio.

The Saints Row reboot similarly had long-time employees leaving the developer before it was created, so it’s possible that the same type of horrid, politically correct game might arrive in the form of GTA VI.

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