September 28, 2023

Star Trek: Infinite, the anticipated grand strategy game based on the beloved sci-fi IP from developer Nimble Giant Entertainment and publisher Paradox Interactive, is now available for pre-order. To celebrate, the devs released a brand-new trailer, showcasing a variety of key gameplay features and the pre-purchase bonuses.

The news also arrives just ahead of Star Trek Day, which is celebrated on September 8th to recognize the original show’s premiere in 1966.

Star Trek: Infinite is slated to launch on October 12th, 2023, and it will be available on PC. There’s currently no word on a console release. You can watch today’s new trailer on the Paradox Interactive YouTube channel:

Star Trek remains a beloved franchise that continues to expand and influence, largely due to the sophistication of its original themes. It has often explored conflicts involving race, ethics, and diplomacy. Its universe is also populated with an extraordinary number of factions. As a result, a grand strategy game is a perfect fit.

Nimble Giant Entertainment has previously developed just a few titles like Champions of Regnum and Quantum League. None of them approach the scope that Star Trek: Infinite aims for, which may concern some fans.

The devs appear to have borrowed a page or two from Paradox Interactive’s own Stellaris, which fans were quick to note following June’s gameplay reveal. Still, Stellaris launched many years ago, and Star Trek: Infinite might prove to be worthy company.

Today’s trailer does show a little more of the Star Trek flavor that will help distinguish this one, but there’s still an uncanny resemblance, even in its visuals. It’s a little amusing that First Contact was last March’s story pack. At the very least, the pre-order bonus is decent, with content that you can enjoy in-game. It’s probably a better deal than the Digital Deluxe Edition.

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