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Raise the anchor and set sail for the Grand Piece Online Races! Joking! I know it isn’t those kind of races. Our guide covers all the races you can roll for within GPO, including your roll chance and the race buffs! Being human isn’t so fun anymore when there are oddities from across the vast seas who you can join the clan of instead.

Grand Piece Online Races

So let’s get onto the races!


Firstly, what is a race? GPO races are a species in which you can “roll”. Once you’ve rolled for a species, or race in this case, you’ll become a part of that race’s clan, where you can enjoy buffs and cosmetics! Some races also allow you to learn a specific fighting style that is built just for that race providing you with a unique fighting edge too!

  • Human
    • The default race, during rerolls there is a 75% chance to roll for human
    • No buffs or additional cosmetics
  • Skypian
    • 15% roll rate
    • Buffs:
    • Reduced fall damage
    • Gliding ability
    • Wings cosmetic
  • Fishmen
    • 5% roll rate
    • Buffs:
    • Faster swimming
    • Longer breath when underwater
    • Fish skin colour variety (cosmetic)
    • Can learn Fish Karate (fighting style)
    • If you consume a devil fruit you can no longer swim in water as it will instantly kill you. However, you can hover over the water by spamming the jump button!
  • Mink
    • 5% roll rate
    • Buffs:
    • +5% more stamina
    • Can learn the electro-style fighting technique
    • -m1 stun
  • Cyborg
    • 1% roll rate
    • Buffs:
    • Cosmetic robot parts with up to 19 different variations
    • Cyborg exclusive move sets which can be learnt through AE10I

Update 9 Races

Event races are similar to regular races except they’re time-specific and often uncanon to the races met within One Piece. These races are harder to obtain but the tradeoff is knowing you have a limited class that you can show off to a server with the paired cosmetics and buffs. Event races can also include unique fighting styles similar to regular races that are specific to that race!

  • Vampire
    • 1% roll rate
    • Buffs:
    • When attacking enemies a Blood bar will fill which unleashes a critical attack once full
    • Vampire fighting style
    • Bat-like wings on back (cosmetic)
  • Dullahan
    • 1% roll rate
    • Buffs:
    • Detachable pumpkin head cosmetic
    • Unique Dullahan fighting style

About The Game

Grand Piece Online, more commonly known as GPO, is one of many Roblox experiences inspired by the GRAND anime One Piece! You can scavenge lands separated by vast oceans to seek mysterious and powerful fruit. Destroy rival pirates and traverse the grand seas to become the strongest! With intense boss fights, fun NPC quests, and a crew to enlist, there is no shortage of things to do!

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