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Our beginner-friendly Grand Kaizen Levelling Guide takes you through the beginner stages of Grand Kaizen to help you level up fast! Being an open-world game that encourages exploring sometimes makes a game more complicated. So if you’re unsure where to begin with improving, or just generally, then stick around!

Grand Kaizen is the Roblox entry into the Jujutsu Kaizen world. Customize your sorcerer and roll for a clan before dropping into all sorts of battle chaos. Train and defeat enemies or brawl with other players to determine who is toughest! With weapons and curses to collect a-plenty, you can find yourself fully imagined and immersed! So whether you want to grind to be Gojo-level OP, or simply roleplay with friends in the JJK universe, you can do it all in Grand Kaizen!

You can find out more on Grand Kaizen by checking out the Official Roblox page! We also have a Grand Kaizen Codes guide which is regularly updated with new freebies! And a Grand Kaizen Clans guide!

Grand Kaizen Levelling Guide

Here’s some free EXP for making it this far!

Where To Begin

After creating your character and spawning in you’ll be facing a shrine-like structure which may grab your interest. Well, ignore it! Despite this looking like the first place you need it isn’t. Instead, head to your left and down that path to an NPC with a blue exclamation mark above his head.

Peter offers you your first quest! He explains Keinor is on a rampage and battling anything that moves, then asks you to deal with it. This quest aims to teach you the ropes and fighting mechanics of the game, so don’t be shy, it’s not all that tough.

Level 10

Eventually, after bugging Peter for quests and following the game tutorial you will have generated enough EXP to be Level 10! Now you can head back to the game-spawn. Remember that shrine I mentioned earlier? Well, you can still ignore it for now.

Head into the shrine grounds and follow the path to the right and around and eventually, you’ll see a familiar face from the JJK franchise! Megumi tasks you with more combat, but will only allow you to participate if you’re Level 10 or higher. This next ground for training can eventually take you to Level 20.

Level 20

Maybe you’ve noticed a pattern. The early game encourages you to proceed every 10 Levels before finding the next trainer and unlocking more of the map. Your Level 20+ trainer will be Shaolin, who is halfway down the long path leading away from Megumi. Shaolin introduces you to Curses, and this is where the game gets interesting!

Jujutsu High

Following this grind-fest method, you’ll eventually reach Jujutsu High, where the game expands into more of a story than repeating quests for EXP. Here you’ll adventure more, engage in fun battles, and learn new techniques to fight with. You’ll want to find Panda who gives you a quest to spar with Nanami as your first Jujutsu High quest.

Back To Spawn

I told you to ignore that shrine-like area you see when you spawn in, but I’ll at least explain what it is. This area is the Jujutsu Preliminary. Here there are two main NPCs for you to interact with. Roly, who sells weapons, and Ezra whose dialogue changes depending on where you are up to in the game.