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Our Grand Kaizen Clans guide covers each Clan you can roll into within the game, including the clan rarity and stats. This guide also serves as a bit of a tier list since we will be covering the clans from the rarest to the most common. Let’s be real, rarity is usually a good indicator of strength.

Grand Kaizen is the Roblox entry into the Jujutsu Kaizen world. Customize your sorcerer and roll for a clan before dropping into all sorts of battle chaos. Train and defeat enemies or brawl with other players to determine who is toughest! With weapons and curses to collect a-plenty, you can find yourself fully imagined and immersed! So whether you want to grind to be Gojo-level OP, or simply roleplay with friends in the JJK universe, you can do it all in Grand Kaizen!

You can find out more on Grand Kaizen by checking out the Official Roblox page! We also have a Grand Kaizen Codes guide which is regularly updated with new freebies!

Grand Kaizen Clans

So, let’s get into the guide!

What Are Clans?

Clans are ranks which players can roll into by earning spins. Spins are something typically bought using Robux or earned through codes. A clan is a title which offers different stats depending on the strength of the Clan you enter. In Grand Kaizen, Clans offer the players cursed techniques to use in combat to destroy opponents.


Superior clans have a 0.5% reroll chance. They truly are superior. These are the pinnacle of jujutsu sorcery and are deemed OP clans.

  • King of Curses
    • Dismantling Cut
    • Dismantle
    • Bisecting Assault
    • Counter
    • Flame Arrow
  • Limitless
    • Lapse Blue
    • Reversal Red
    • Cosmic Beatdown
    • Hollow Purple
    • Maximum Lapse Blue


With a 5% roll chance, these Clans are significantly better than Uncommon and Common Clans. That said, it still isn’t the best.


Uncommon Clans have a 35% re-roll chance when changing Clans. These Clans offer a few niche uses and typically aren’t all that stacked as far as strength and versatility go.

  • Disaster Flames
    • Volcanic Slam
    • Volcanic Rumble
    • Overheat Strike
    • Maximum Meteor
    • Coffin of the Iron Mountain
  • Cursed Speech
    • Move set information not available! Check back soon


The Common Clan doubles as the default Clan which players are automatically entered into when starting Grand Kaizen for the first time. When re-rolling for a clan, the Common Clans have a 55% chance of being selected.

  • Sound Manipulation
    • The default and also the weakest clan with no benefits.

Will More Clans Be Added?

Most likely! Grand Kaizen is a re-release of a different title. Plus, the clan list is quite slim right now, so no doubt more clans will be added over time. We will be sure to update this guide as and when new clans are added to the game, so check back soon!

It would be a waste to only have the clans we currently spoke about, especially because there are so many interesting and diverse cursed techniques within JJK for Grand Kaizen to be inspired by!