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Want to know which islands you’re cut out for? Our GPO Island Guide takes you through all the islands within Grand Piece Online. We include which sea they’re located in, and the level requirements to survive the hostilities found there.

Grand Piece Online is an open-world Roblox game based on the hit franchise, One Piece. Meet familiar faces, collect unique fruit, and wield powerful abilities that you may recognise from the series! Discover an abundance of locations, beat bosses, and build your character – it’s the perfect game for One Piece fans!

For more information about the game, visit the official Roblox page. If you’re looking for more Grand Piece Online content, take a look at our GPO New Island guide, Grand Piece Online codes and Grand Piece Online races.

GPO Island Levels

You’re beginning on Gamezebo Guide Island where there are no hostilities! It’s just you listening to me yap about the Island levels.

First Sea

So you’ll initially spawn within the Town of Beginnings which naturally is very beginner safe. But where are you headed after there? And, when is a good time to leave?

Islands in the First Sea gives you a good taste of combat and how the game works. By the time you reach the third island, you should hopefully feel pretty comfortable with fighting and levelling up. Don’t forget to use your stat points!

  • Town of Beginnings: Level 0-15
  • Roca Island: Obtain Katana and 1SS
  • Kori Island: Obtain Armament Haki
  • Sandora: Level 15-25
  • Shell’s Town: Level 25-40
  • Island of Zou: Level 35-105
  • Baratie: Level 40-105
  • Orange Town: Level 50-55
  • Sphinx Island: Level 55-105
  • Shark Park: Level 70-105
  • Skypeia (Land of the Sky): Level 105-160
  • Gravito’s Fort: Level 160-190
  • Fishman Island: Level 190-325

Second Sea

The Second Sea works a little differently in the sense that once you’re level 325+ you are free to roam most of the islands. Some will still pose more of a challenge than others, but you’ll probably be okay, especially if you have recruited or joined a crew.

  • Sushi Island: Obtain 2SS
  • Spirit Island: Obtain Busoshoku Haki V2
  • Foro Island: Obtain Kenbunshoku Haki V2
  • Reverse Mountain: Level 325+
  • Rovo Island: Level 325+
  • Desert Kingdom: Level 325-400
  • Thriller Bark: Level 325-500
  • Rose Kingdom: Level 425-575
  • Coco Island: Level ???
  • Mysterious Cliff: Level ???