Google extends Stadia controller deadline for another year

Google has announced an extension for the Stadia controller deadline, after which unconverted controllers will become useless.

While their Stadia cloud streaming platform was killed back in January of this year, the Stadia controller was given a lifeline to be converted into a bluetooth controller – making it useable with non-Stadia devices and platforms.

The deadline for users to update their Stadia controller was set for the end of this year, however Google surprised everyone by extending the deadline an entire year. Users now have until December 31st, 2024 to convert their Stadia pads over to bluetooth.

Since Google Stadia used your local wireless network to pair its controllers to the streaming platform, when news the entire service was being shut down came owners of the platform felt abandoned. Google quickly rolled out a plan to convert the controllers over to bluetooth so they wouldn’t become paperweights.

To convert your Stadia controller over to bluetooth, users just need to connect the controller to a PC, load up the portal to convert the controller in Chrome browser, and follow the on-screen wizard. It’s very simple and avoids you losing more money on Google’s streaming platform with useless hardware.

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