Goddess of Victory: Nikke announces crossover with top isekai anime Re: Zero

  • Goddess of Victory: Nikke is set to crossover with hit isekai series Re: Zero
  • The event will feature two characters from the series; Emilia, Rem and Ram, as recruits
  • Additionally limited-time events will offer additional rewards both useful and cosmetic

Third-person mobile shooter Goddess of Victory: Nikke will collaborate with the popular isekai series Re: Zero, bringing two of its characters into the game. Emilia, Rem and Ram will be available to recruit, with Ram available to recruit as a reward during a number of limited-time events taking place as part of the collab. The collab is set to run from the time of writing through to April 11th, featuring the limited-time events Re:CIPE FOR YOU, Re:ADY MAID and Re:ADY TO ORDER.

Following the isekai manga tropes of being ‘trapped in another world’, Re: Zero follows the ‘adventures’ of Subaru Natsuki. He discovers, upon entering a fantasy world after first dying in ours, that he has the extremely useful ability to reincarnate to a point before he has died, returning with all of his memories.

Another anime collab for Nikke

Given Goddess of Victory: Nikke’s focus, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that collaborations with hit anime series have been so frequent. However, it is worth noting the relative consistency and size of these collabs, with the addition of multiple characters, limited-time events and more. You might even guess that Nikke lives and breathes on adding new characters for players to recruit, from as varied series as possible.

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