Global Data: Asia-Pacific region made up 64% of mobile gaming revenue in 2023

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In 2023, the Asia-Pacific region accounted for 64% of consumer spending on mobile games.

That’s according to a new report from data analyst firm Global Data, which says that the sector generated $124 billion.

North America was the second-largest contributor, as it made up 18% of the market share.

Europe was third, commanding 12% of 2023’s global mobile gaming revenue.

China was the top spending country, accounting for 31% of the global mobile title revenue. The US was second, accounting for 17% of the market share.

Additionally, Rupantar Guha, principal analyst of thematic intelligence at GlobalData, said that regulation will remain a key factor for the mobile games market.

“In 2023, China’s draft regulation to curb in-game spending wiped $80 billion in market value from Tencent and NetEase. Regulations around in-app purchases, data privacy, child safety, antitrust, artificial intelligence (AI), and app store commissions will continue to impact all mobile gaming companies.”

Global Data predicts that mobile gaming revenue will hit $195 billion in 2030.