Gio Corsi Joins Nintendo’s Third-Party Management Team

Gio Corsi has joined Nintendo, the industry veteran recently revealed via his personal Twitter page. Corsi has joined the company’s AAA Third-Party Portfolio Management team, and though his specific position within the team isn’t clear, he says he will be helping “great teams bring their amazing games to this legendary platform.”

Third-party support has, of course, often been Nintendo’s Achilles’ heel, though the Switch certainly enjoyed better support from external partners than any other Nintendo platform in recent memory. With the Nintendo Switch 2 widely expected to launch in Q1 of 2025, Corsi’s addition to the company’s third-party team should be cause for optimism for fans, especially given reports of the console’s much more powerful hardware.

A number of major third-party titles are already rumoured to be in development for Nintendo’s next-gen platform, including Persona 6, Persona 3 Reload, Metaphor: ReFantazio, Crazy Taxi, Jet Set Radio, Monster Hunter Wilds, and Far Cry 7.

Corsi’s most recent role was at Iron Galaxy Studios as head of commercial, prior to which he was at Illfonic as head of publishing and biz dev. He also spent over six years at PlayStation, with most of his stint being as the head of third-party relations. Corsi was instrumental in the localization and Western releases of titles like Yakuza and Persona.