Ghostrunner 2: Every Ultimate Ability, Ranked


  • Ghostrunner 2 combines inspirations from Samurai Jack and cyberpunk to create a neo-noir style game with puzzles and first-person combat.
  • Players follow the protagonist, Jack, in a poverty-stricken city and use stealth and upgrades to take down a dangerous ninja AI cult.
  • The ultimate abilities in the game, such as Blink and Flux, offer powerful tools for players to defeat enemies and enhance their skills.

Blending inspirations from the likes of Cartoon Network’s Samurai Jack with an edgy re-imagining of the neo-noir genre through a cyberpunk lens, 505 Games and One More Level have returned with Ghostrunner 2. The series mixes puzzles with first-person perspective combat styles set in a dazzling neon cityscape. In Ghostrunner 2, combat with vehicles is a pleasant surprise for fans to delve further into, in addition to collecting Memory Shards to unlock some stellar ultimate abilities.

Players follow the central protagonist, Jack, on his missions across the poverty-stricken tower city. The nature of a ghost runner requires stealth, calculated risks, and keen gameplay that allows for upgrades to a player’s motherboard and data collection throughout the game. Some may notice the advances that unlock on each level for each ultimate ability Jack utilizes during attacks in his quest to take down the dangerous ninja AI cult. Throughout the game, there are even opportunities to enhance solo and grouped skills that, in turn, elevate ultimate abilities. Jack embodies a character of swiftness and dexterity. The ultimate abilities act as a door opener to boost a new range of skills both for Jack and the new vehicle additions.


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Jack using Blink


1: Fast Dash Attack 2: Return to Start 3: Kill 3 Targets

Damage Level


The Blink ability allows players to slay three enemies in the literal blink of an eye. At the first level, stealth and aim are key to striking up to two enemies down in a phantom-like fashion. Blink mimics teleportation and instantly turns players into a Flash character who can effortlessly cross paths with enemies with secrecy and surprise to their advantage.

As one progresses to upper levels, Blink can take a character back to their original point, and ultimately raise the kill count to 3 targets. This swift motion is a straight- forward, handy tool that can be used during any gameplay.

4 Overlord

Control Enemies

Jack uses Overlord on two foes


1: Mind Hack Enemy 2: Detonate Enemy 3: Mind Hack Multiple Enemies

Damage Level


As menacing as it sounds, the Overlord ability allows a character to totally control their enemies in a puppeteer style. Overlord in action, bears a resemblance to Game of Thrones’ Night King and his army of the undead, as players can use their enemies to fight alongside them in action and, on upper levels, mind-control multiple enemies, destroying them after use. Ghostrunner 2 presents Overlord as an aggressive enchantment of foes.

There are some kinks in this ability in that, enemies don’t fight with the same rigor and blitz as Jack can. Having mindless opponents do the killing and damage doesn’t hit quite the same and, in some cases, delays the completion of a mission.


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3 Motoric Overload

Boost To Performance

Jack on new Motorcycle and using overload


1: Move Faster, Jump Higher 2: Increased Regeneration Rate 3: Single Hit Immunity

Damage Level


Motoric Overload comes in clutch as Ghostrunner 2 introduced vehicles in combat. Without that mechanical touch, this ultimate ability would simply be seen as a booster to ghost runner powers that exist (i.e., fast and sharp movements, speed, agility, etc.). With this ability to jump farther, higher, and move faster, characters are given a significant boost, and, on higher levels, motoric overload aids in protection from attacks.

Immunity to one deadly strike and regeneration abilities while active all come with motoric overload. When using motoric overload, there’s minimal damage, but it does everything to boost character/player morale. Visually, experiencing motoric overload leaves one walking away like a supersonic badass.

2 Flux

Kill Switch



1: Blast Laser Beam 2: Beam Time Extended 3: Instant Recharge

Damage Level


Flux is the kill switch of the ultimate abilities, enabling multiple strikes through a killer beam. Flux wipes out every foe in sight in a matter of seconds, causing high levels of damage. At lower levels, flux does take time to recharge, which can be a hindrance. However, with two ultimate boosters at higher levels, it transforms into a lethal force.

Jack can use flux against more hostile threats like the Trigger or the Enforcer. Clearing a room of low-level goons makes way for more of the fun and bigger battles in the game. Ghostrunner 2 offers this ultimate ability to be used even when in vehicles!

1 Sensory Overdrive

Time Manipulation

Sensory Overdrive Ability


1: Stop Time 2: TIme Extended 3: Grapple ar Enemy

Damage Level


Time is of the essence with regard to the sensory overdrive ultimate ability. Fans can experience a better method to slay those to challenge their character. With sensory overdrive, Jack stops time, allowing for an extensive dash. This allows players to kill as many enemies as possible during that time, especially when executed masterfully.

As each level increases, bullet time slows down, while dash options even allow you to grapple toward an enemy in motion. Throughout Ghostrunner 2, this ultimate ability may seem like a simple enhancement, but manipulating time adds to the ethereal nature of the life of a ghostrunner while also being a reliable tool. In action, the slowed-down bullet sequence is so entertaining to witness.

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Ghostrunner 2

October 26, 2023

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