May 29, 2023

Of the various outfits and armor units in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the Fierce Deity already seems to be a favourite. It is because apart from the divine and mystical look, it additionally harkens again to Majora’s Masks. Hyperlink additionally will get a harm bonus from sporting it, and the set sword is especially highly effective. Right here is get the Fierce Deity armor set in Tears of the Kingdom.

get Fierce Deity armor set in Tears of the Kingdom

There are two methods get the Fierce Deity armor set in Tears of the Kingdom. The primary means is to scan the Majora’s Masks amiibo to obtain the set in a drop chest. So sure, you will have to truly purchase the collectible separate from Tears of the Kingdom to get the armor set this fashion. There are many retailers that promote the amiibo, however you could find it in-game, too.

The hunt begins at a small cave off of the west shore of Cephla Lake. It’s also possible to use the map coordinates 2606, 1305, 0150 to find it.

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You’ll discover two treasure hunters sitting by cave entrance which point out a chest they’re searching for inside. That’s the identical chest you’re after. The treasure hunters joke about making pals with a canine to assist discover the chest. You are able to do this should you select by feeding the close by canine which is able to information you to the chest, or you’ll be able to skip this step and use the picture beneath to find the chest.

The chest spawn location doesn’t change, so that you wish to discover the one buried in entrance of and barely to the left of the glowing flower on the again wall. Pull the chest from the earth with Extremely Hand and open it. The 2 NPCs then communicate to you and a quest starter for the Fierce Deity armor set spawns.

Chest Fierce Deity Set Quest Start Cephla Lake

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The message from the search starter mentions three keys you’ll want to search out. That is apparently a metaphor for the armor items, not precise keys. In keeping with the message, one is beneath the bedchamber of Akkala’s red-crowned citadel, one is within the cranium’s left eye, and the third is in an outdated stump in Hyrule Subject. You’ll want to look these out to unlock the armor set items.

The Fierce Deity Boots are discovered underground in a hole. This space is accessed by crossing a bridge to the middle of the lake north of Mount Daphnes. Drop down after which search for some vines blocking a tunnel. Minimize these vines, proceed forward, and climb up a number of ranges till you attain the shrine the place the Fierce Deity Boots are situated.

Zelda Fierce Diety Armor Set Boots Locations

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The Fierce Deity Armor is discovered beneath the Akkala Citadel Ruins. Search for a gap within the wall at 3284, 1493, 0414. It’s on the southwest aspect of the primary construction. Inside that room is a gap within the ground and the shrine with the chest is immediately beneath.

akkala citadel ruins shrine chest location guide

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The Fierce Deity Masks is situated underground Cranium Lake. You should entry the cavern by a gap on the high of the enormous stone pillar in the midst of the lake. You’ll both must climb the pillar or climb on high the close by cliff and use a rocket to achieve top after which deploy the Glide Shirt or Paraglider to achieve the entry gap.

Drop all the best way down and struggle your solution to a stone obstruction. You’ll be able to both hammer or bomb the stone to proceed by. The shrine with the chest is within the subsequent room however there’s a boss referred to as Stalnox guarding the world. You’ll be able to merely run previous it and climb up the hill within the heart of the chamber to search out the shrine.

Mask Skull Lake Location shrine chest guide

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After getting the Fierce Deity armor set geared up, you’ll be able to purchase the sword again on the first cave the place the search began. Merely stroll in to the cave and the obstructed door will give solution to reveal the shrine.

As you’ll quickly discover out, the Fierce Deity armor is highly effective for a set you will get early on in Tears of the Kingdom, and the method for get it isn’t that tough. The Majora’s Masks vibes are positive to hit upon getting every thing geared up.

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