February 3, 2023

All people’s favourite hide-and-seek recreation is again in Genshin Impression model 3.3! Whereas most of its guidelines are the identical, there are new areas, kinds, and talents to discover. Let’s see how issues have modified (or stayed the identical) on this article!

A Refresher on the Guidelines

A gaggle of 4 will obtain roles because the Hunter or the three Rebels. Within the easiest phrases, the previous should discover the place the latter is inside a time restrict. In any other case, the latter will win the sport. The areas are closed off, so the contributors have a large enough however restricted space to play in. It’s not too small that the sport is over in a flash, nor too huge that the Hunter wants a couple of minutes to discover the entire map.

Someday throughout the recreation, Favor will seem on the map randomly. These can cost up your Secret Favors, considerably benefiting whoever will get them.

Windward Arts

Each Hunters and Rebels have arts to make use of within the recreation. Strategic use of those arts is critical for profitable the sport. Whereas it appears unfair that the lone Hunter has to search out 3 individuals, they’ve a number of talents to make up for it.

They take the place of your character’s Regular Assault, Elemental Talent, and Elemental Burst for the sport’s length.

Hunter Windward Arts

Mysterious Hunch (Regular Assault)

Utilizing this potential will briefly present the areas of the hidden Rebels. It has a 40-second cooldown.

Hunter’s Web (Regular Assault, New in 3.3)

Maintain the button to throw out a web. It’ll reveal any Insurgent in disguise and destroys Beacons within the space. Utilizing this potential on a Beacon won’t impede sight like in different contexts. The Hunter will obtain a touch if opponents are caught within the web.

Sensor Aura (Regular Assault)

The flexibility scouts the realm across the Hunter. If a scouted Insurgent strikes inside the subsequent 5 seconds, they are going to be marked with a pillar of sunshine for 5s. Has three expenses and a 4-second cooldown.

Seize! (Elemental Talent)

Dispel a close-by Insurgent’s disguise and seize them. Has three expenses and a 5-second cooldown. It may be used even when gliding, swimming, or climbing.

Imprisoning Curse (Elemental Burst/Secret Favor)

This potential destroys a Insurgent’s disguise and imprisons them in a cage, limiting motion and humanities. The Hunter then has 40 seconds to search out the incapacitated Insurgent to seize them.

Perception (Elemental Burst/Secret Favor)

It reveals the areas of all Rebels and marks them with a pillar of sunshine. The sign follows the opposite gamers’ actions for 20 seconds. Throughout this time, Rebels can’t use disguises.

Hunter’s Instinct (Elemental Burst/Secret Favor)

With this talent, Hunters can use this to disclose the placement of 1 Insurgent within the minimap. It additionally dispels disguises and retains these from getting used once more at some stage in the power. It lasts for 1 minute.

Insurgent Windward Arts

Concealing Beacon (Regular Assault, New in 3.3)

Place a Concealing Beacon. Any close by Insurgent can be invisible inside vary and won’t be found by the Hunter’s Seize! potential till it’s destroyed. If a Hunter makes use of that potential to interrupt the beacon, their imaginative and prescient will get obstructed.

Transparency (Regular Assault)

Places the Insurgent in an invisible state for five seconds. Dispels any disguise worn, so the Hunter will discover if you happen to use it close by. Be careful as a result of their talents nonetheless take impact even throughout this state. This talent won’t make you proof against getting caught. Its cooldown is 30 seconds.

Disguise (Elemental Talent)

The Insurgent randomly disguises itself as a location-appropriate object. You possibly can maintain the button to take away it. Even beneath its results, you possibly can nonetheless transfer round. Watch out, although. The disguise will disappear if you happen to glide, swim, or climb.

Starstep (Elemental Burst/Secret Favor)

The Insurgent may have enhanced Motion SPD for 30 seconds.

Illusory Beacon (Particular Talent, New in 3.3)

Rebels who’ve been caught can use this potential to confuse the Hunter. It really works very similar to a Concealing Beacon. If the Hunter makes use of Seize! on a Beacon, their imaginative and prescient will get obscured.

Maps and Areas

New to this model of Windtrace, gamers will need to have the Statue of Seven associated to the realm unlocked earlier than getting it as a map on this exercise. The obtainable areas are:

  • Beneath the Stone (Chasm Floor Mining Space)
  • Deeper Tides (Suigetsu Pool, Watatsumi Island)
  • The Pearl of Sango (Sangonomiya Shrine, Watatsumi Island)
  • Rustic Village (Konda Village, Narukami Island)
  • Terrace Patrol (Qingce Village, Liyue)
  • Water-Runners (Vimara Village, Sumeru)
  • Sacrosanct Dominion (Vissudha Discipline, Sumeru)
  • Gold Past the Grains (Chatrakam Cave, Sumeru)
  • Small-City Guerilla Conflict (Springvale, Mondstadt)
  • Vineyard Confrontation (Daybreak Vineyard, Mondstadt)
  • Drifters within the Terrace Depths (Qingce Village, Liyue)
  • In a Metropolis of Yore Hid (Qiongji Estuary, south of Guili Plains, Liyue)

It’s also possible to select which maps you need to encounter in video games. Should you don’t just like the terrain of one of many maps, you possibly can deselect it from the checklist to keep away from it. That’s the problem, although! Plus, with this extra intensive pool of areas, every recreation will differ from the final.

If you need, you possibly can scout the areas beforehand. Nonetheless, there are variations between the Windtrace model and the one within the overworld. Nonetheless, the overall place of constructions would be the similar, so you possibly can strategize beforehand.


Win or lose, you get a variable quantity of Windtrace Cash relying on what you’ve achieved throughout the spherical. Listed below are all of the doable ‘achievements’ that may improve your earnings. Coin values may also be famous in parentheses.

  • Victory (150)
  • Each captured Insurgent as a Hunter (100)
  • Favor gained (100)
  • Ending the sport with remaining time left as a Hunter (1 coin for each second)
  • Time you remained free as a Insurgent (1 coin for each second)
  • ‘Fast Offensive’ (50, the Hunter ends the sport inside 30 seconds of utilizing a Secret Favor)
  • ‘Remaining Countdown’ (150, the Hunter captures all Rebels in 120 seconds)
  • ‘Cleanup Time’ (100, the Hunter captures all Rebels inside the time restrict)
  • ‘The Hunter’s Defeat’ (50, the Hunter lets one Insurgent escape)
  • ‘The Hunter’s Error’ (50, the Hunter lets two Rebels escape)
  • ‘No Return’ (50, the Hunter fails to seize any Insurgent)
  • ‘Final Spark’ (100, be the only Insurgent that survives the spherical)
  • ‘Protected Withdrawal’ (50, the Insurgent acquired marked by Mysterious Hunch 3 instances however achieved victory by escaping)
  • ‘In Broad Daylight’ (100, the Insurgent acquired marked by Sensor Aura 3 instances however received the sport)
  • ‘Battle to the End’ (150, the Insurgent achieves victory with out getting captured)
  • ‘Tacit Understanding’ (50, the Insurgent achieves success via their teammates escaping after getting captured)
  • ‘So Shut, however So Far’ (50, the Insurgent is the final one to get captured)
  • ‘Recon in Power’ (50, be the primary Insurgent to get captured)
  • ‘Utter Chaos’ (50, be the second Insurgent to get caught)
  • ‘Faint Presence’ (50, the Insurgent achieves victory with out utilizing a disguise)
  • ‘Right here Goes Nothing’ (50, the Hunter efficiently captures a Insurgent who’s utilizing Transparency)
  • ‘Lightspeed Sort out’ (50, the Hunter captures a Insurgent who’s beneath the consequences of Starstep)
  • ‘The Skilled’ (50, the Hunter catches a number of Rebels in disguise)
  • ‘The Mocking Means’ (50, the Insurgent survives and wins the sport even after getting marked by the Hunter’s Instinct)
  • ‘No Seize, No Cube’ (50, the Insurgent wins with out getting caught after the Hunter makes use of Perception)
  • ‘Grasp Molter’ (50, the Insurgent wins the sport even after getting trapped in a Hunter’s Imprisoning Curse)
  • ‘I’ll Give You 2.5 Minutes’ (50, the Hunter catches 2 Rebels inside the final minute and wins the sport)
  • ‘Reverse Sweep’ (100, the Insurgent good points the Favor and triumphs because the final remaining one)
  • ‘Tailwind Assault’ (50, be the Insurgent who good points the Favor and wins the sport)
  • ‘So Shut’ (50, the Insurgent claims the Favor however nonetheless will get caught)
  • ‘Bait-Breaker’ (50, the Hunter destroys 3 Concealing Beacons)
  • ‘Spherical ‘Em Up’ (100, the Hunter catches greater than 1 Insurgent in a single use of Seize!)
  • ‘Fortunate Escapee’ (100, the Insurgent will get hit by a Hunter’s web however evades them and wins)
  • ‘Phantom Broadcast’ (50, keep in a hidden state close to a Beacon for 30 seconds)
  • ‘Undetectable Territory’ (50, arrange Illusory Beacons as an Observer and obscure the Hunter’s imaginative and prescient as soon as)
  • ‘Divisional Architect’ (50, the Observer makes use of Illusory Beacons to obscure the Hunter’s imaginative and prescient 3 instances)
  • ‘Bait Layer’ (50, the Observer deploys no less than 3 Illusory Beacons)
  • ‘Symmetrical Opposition’ (50, the Observer deploys no less than 7 Illusory Beacons)

Windtrace Ideas

As a Hunter:

Maintain a reserve cost of your Seize! potential. You’ll want it if you happen to instantly encounter a Insurgent.

You should use whichever ‘Regular Assault’ talents. The brand new one could possibly be a helpful one with the introduction of the Beacons. You possibly can nonetheless choose which one you favor probably the most.

The perfect Secret Favor you need to use is Perception. It’s the one which reveals all of the Rebels, which is one thing you want if you happen to’re having hassle. Should you’re a extra profitable Hunter, you need to use the opposite talents because it’s extra possible that one Insurgent can be left. Nonetheless, you possibly can’t assure that, so Perception is the only option.

Select the tall male characters to make use of. They cowl extra floor quicker than different fashions. The second greatest is the medium male characters. As a Hunter, the worst you possibly can decide is any of the small feminine ones, as different characters simply outrun them. Nonetheless, you possibly can select whoever you prefer to play as.

This occasion will depart you paranoid about oddly-placed gadgets, a few of which happen naturally. You would possibly do higher if you happen to suspect ‘naturally’ positioned ones, however this doesn’t all the time work. Nonetheless, considering like a Insurgent may allow you to discover them.

Checking areas you’ve handed earlier than would possibly yield new insights.

Hunters ought to know which gadgets Rebels can disguise as. This protects the time it takes to test every thing as a result of they are often certain these issues aren’t concealing different gamers.

As a Insurgent:

Keep calm. Panicking when the Hunter is close to may give you away. Transparency is your greatest buddy, although the Concealing Beacon feels like a good suggestion too.

Generally, a Hunter’s instincts betray them. Going again to someplace you had been ‘discovered’ could possibly be good, as they’ve been satisfied you’re not there and received’t test there once more.

There are lots of methods and types you need to use as a Insurgent. Now with the Illusory Beacon, you possibly can assist others even whenever you’re captured early.

Mona (on the time) had an unfair benefit the place gamers may maintain the dash button and never transfer to remain in her ‘hidden’ mode indefinitely. This has since been patched out, so don’t strive utilizing it once more. Although Ayaka was launched later, her alternate dash received’t work both. Each characters will usually dash throughout the recreation.

You (or your teammates) can seize the Favor earlier than the Hunter does. This prevents them from utilizing their Secret Favor and makes it extra possible that the Rebels will win.

Normal Ideas

The achievement checklist might look daunting, however you don’t should exit of your method to get them. You’re certain to realize two or three in each recreation, so don’t fear about farming cash. Get pleasure from each recreation you play.

Taking part in co-op with pals received’t offer you any cash. That will make it purely for enjoyable after you’ve farmed sufficient cash for your self.

Because the occasion isn’t significantly aggressive, some gamers don’t take it too severely and goof round. That makes it a wonderful alternative to make new pals!

Ensure to have enjoyable in Windtrace! Verify again when the occasion recurs to see what’s modified.

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