Genshin Impact: Xianyun Build Guide

Xianyun is an interesting Genshin Impact Support, to say the least. She combines multiple utilities with her kit and can help her team in many areas. First, she can make her team Plunge attack easily while buffing their damage. She can also trigger Viridescent Venerer since she’s an Anemo user in Genshin Impact. Lastly, she’s also able to heal the entire squad, saving space for more Sub-DPS in the team.

Additionally, it’s so easy to build Xianyun since her buff is available in her 4th Ascension bonus, so, no need to level up anything to take her full buff. However, to improve her healing, you have to maximize Xianyun’s Elemental Burst. As for Xianyun’s best artifacts and weapons, this build guide should help get her ready.


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Xianyun Best Build In Genshin Impact

xianyun best build in genshin impact


Artifact Set

Artifact Main Stat

  1. Crane’s Echoing Call
  2. Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers
  3. Oathsworn Eye
  4. Favonius Codex
  5. Hakushin Ring
  6. Skyward Atlas
  7. Memory of Dust
  8. Eye of Perception
  • 4pc Song of Days Past
  • 4pc Viridescent Venerer
  • 4pc Noblesse Oblige
  • 2pc ATK +18% + 2pc ATK +18%
  • Timepiece: ATK% or Energy Recharge%
  • Goblet: ATK%
  • Circlet: ATK%

Xianyun Best Artifact In Genshin Impact

xianyun best artifact in genshin impact

Xianyun can do many things on the battlefield, including healing, so it’s beneficial when you build her with 4pc Song of Days Past. On one hand, the set improves Xianyun’s healing. On the other, it provides her team with a decent damage buff.

If Xianyun is paired with units that she can Swirl with, like Electro, Hydro, Pyro, or Cryo users in Genshin Impact, building her with 4pc Viridescent Venerer becomes crucial since she will provide her team with a crucial debuff to the opponents.

Finally, like any Support in Genshin Impact, Xianyun works perfectly with 4pc Noblesse Oblige since it grants everyone, including herself 20% extra ATK when she uses Elemental Burst.

Xianyun Best Weapon In Genshin Impact

genshin impact xianyun using crane echoing call

Without a doubt, Crane’s Echoing Call is Xianyun’s best weapon in Genshin Impact since it grants her two crucial passives. The first is a buff to her team Plunge attack damage, while the second is energy to help her use her Elemental Burst more frequently.

As a Support and a Catalyst user in Genshin Impact, Xianyun can perfectly wield a weapon like Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers since it allows her to massively buff the DPS in her team.

Hakushin Ring is also a decent choice if Xianyun is paired with another Electro user in Genshin Impact. It boosts her Energy Recharge while granting the team 20% extra Elemental DMG for Anemo and Electro, which can be useful for the DPS. For plain Energy Recharge boost, then go for Favonius Codex, although it demands her to have some Crit Rate to function properly.

Finally, since Xianyun relies on her ATK% to buff and heal her allies, Catalysts that grant her this stat are up there in her list of the best weapons to use. Skyward Atlas and Memory of Dust are a good 5-star choice to massively increase her ATK%, while Oathsworn Eye and Eye of Perception are the 4-star versions to buff her ATK%. Keep in mind that Oathsworn Eye is the best choice among the other ATK% weapons since it also grants her a much-needed Energy Recharge to help her with her energy problem.

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