Genshin Impact Releases Character Demo for Chiori


  • Chiori brings a classic approach to Geo element gameplay in Genshin Impact, focusing on strong off-field damage with totems.
  • Chiori pairs well with Navia and Itto, enhancing team synergy with her abilities and support role in battles.
  • Players can pull for Chiori on the Version 4.5 Event Banners, along with her signature weapon, offering options for Geo mains.

Genshin Impact has revealed a character demo for Chiori, showcasing her abilities, personality, and style. Genshin Impact has released a wide roster of characters over the course of its history, and Fontaine alone has brought several new favorites to the ensemble. From Neuvillette and Furina revolutionizing Hydro teams with new types of gameplay, to Xianyun bringing an entire niche into the mainstream. By contrast, Chiori is meant to be a more conservative addition to Genshin Impact, but that may not necessarily reduce her value.

Though many players have long considered the Geo element in Genshin Impact underwhelming, Navia’s release in Version 4.3 breathed newfound life into Geo with her shotgun-like gameplay and unique focus on the Crystallize reaction. Chiori is meant to be a continuation of those efforts, but also a celebration of the classic mono Geo playstyle.


Genshin Impact: Chiori’s Kit Explained

The highly anticipated 5-star Geo sword user, Chiori, has some interesting abilities that make her a great addition to players’ parties.

Ahead of the launch of Genshin Impact Version 4.5, HoYoverse has released Chiori’s character demo on social media. As befits a glamorous-yet-sardonic character like Chiori, the video highlights her no-nonsense attitude and graceful fighting style. In terms of gameplay, the best way to describe Chiori is to imagine a Geo version of Fischl: someone whose ability kit is designed around dealing damage off-field through the use of a totem or sentry. The damage from Chiori’s Elemental Skill is considerable, and increases by 40% with the addition of a second totem (provided a Geo Construct is on the field).

As advertised in the video, Chiori pairs well with Navia in Genshin Impact, and is considered to be her best support. This statement is only further reinforced if players are lucky enough to get Chiori’s first constellation – which allows her to summon both totems with her Elemental Skill at any time. In addition to Navia, Itto players will almost certainly want Chiori in their team, as both Itto and Zhongli provide Geo Constructs for Chiori to work with.

How to Get Chiori in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact players will be able to pull for Chiori on the Event Banners for Version 4.5 during the update’s first half. The weapon banner will feature both Chiori’s signature weapon and the Redhorn Stonetresher, making it a sound investment for Geo mains who are lacking 5-Star weapons. It’s important to note that both Arlecchino and Furina are expected to feature on the Event Banners for Version 4.6, so Genshin Impact players interested in either of the two characters should spend their Primogems responsibly, as Version 4.5 will only earn them about fifty wishes without the Welkin Moon or Battle Pass.

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Genshin Impact

September 28, 2020