Genshin Impact Player Shares Hilarious Method to Clear Version 4.3 Event


  • A clever Genshin Impact player discovers a unique way to clear Version 4.3’s main event using Geo character Noelle’s Elemental Burst.
  • The player’s strategy takes advantage of Noelle’s increased range and the event’s Geo damage boost during her Ultimate, allowing her to easily defeat the infinitely spawning Slimes.
  • This discovery coincides with the release of Genshin Impact’s newest Geo character, Navia, and rumors of future additions of Geo characters to the game.

A Genshin Impact player has discovered a hilarious and effective way to rack up impressive scores in the “Roses and Muskets” event’s “Trick Shots, Tricky Lights” challenge with Noelle. The launch of the popular HoYoverse RPG’s newest update brought with it the Roses and Muskets event, focused around new character Chevreuse and the “Fontinalia Film Festival.” As with many of the game’s past events, Genshin Impact‘s new event features a variety of challenges ranging from traversal and photography to combat. Now, one player has found a unique way to clear the event’s combat portion.

Throughout Genshin Impact‘s history, many players have found creative ways to tackle the game’s challenges and defeat its toughest bosses. Inventive players have found unique tricks with Genshin Impact‘s movement, such as a Yelan and Lynette trick allowing players to infinitely sprint across the game’s map. Others have used the game’s terrain to manipulate enemies like Fontaine’s Local Legends, turning normally challenging and dangerous boss fights into easy affairs. Now, Genshin Impact‘s newest event offers a unique advantage for Noelle players.


Genshin Impact Player Discovers Clever Way to Defeat Fontaine Local Legend

A clever Genshin Impact player discovers a useful trick for defeating one of Fontaine’s powerful “Local Legend” mini-bosses using Ganyu.

Reddit user Superb_Volume_3954 recently shared their unique way to clear Version 4.3’s “Trick Shots, Tricky Lights” challenge on the Genshin Impact subreddit. The video showcases the player using Noelle in the challenge’s fourth stage, “Termination in Twilight Most Terrible,” making effective use of her Elemental Burst. The increased range of Noelle’s Charged Attack spin when her Ultimate is active allows Noelle to instantly hit and defeat the Slimes as they continue to spawn. The event also features a special boost to Genshin Impact‘s Crystallize elemental reaction, continually increasing Noelle’s Geo damage as she attacks more enemies.

The creative use of Noelle within Version 4.3’s main event comes alongside the long-awaited release of Genshin Impact‘s newest Geo character. Navia debuted with the launch of Version 4.3, becoming the first new Geo character added to Genshin Impact in nearly two years. Navia is also featured in the fourth stage of “Trick Shots, Tricky Lights” as a trial character, allowing players to try out Genshin Impact‘s newest Geo Claymore user. Genshin Impact‘s “Roses and Muskets” event will be available in-game until January 8, concluding before Version 4.3 enters its second half.

The spotlight on Genshin Impact‘s newest Geo character comes as the under-represented element is rumored to receive another character in the near future. Version 4.3’s main event introduces players to Inazuma NPC Chiori for the first time, a character who is heavily rumored to be joining Genshin Impact‘s playable cast soon. Early leaks about the character have suggested she will also join Genshin Impact as a Geo Sword character, speculated to be coming with Version 4.4. Genshin Impact‘s long-neglected Geo element is set to receive plenty of love between Navia’s release and Chiori’s rumored launch.

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