Genshin Impact Leak Shows Models for Three Upcoming Skins


  • Genshin Impact will be adding three new character skins with the Version 4.4 update, including popular characters Ganyu, Shenhe, and Xingqiu.
  • The new skins are expected to be released during the game’s annual “Lantern Rite” festivities in the China-themed region of Liyue.
  • Version 4.4 will also bring new Liyue characters, a new area called Chenyu Vale, and more exciting content for players to explore.

A new leak from Genshin Impact is teasing the in-game appearance of three new character skins, expected to be added to the game with the Version 4.4 update. Alongside the plethora of new characters added with each update, the popular RPG from HoYoverse has also regularly featured stunning new skins for its in-game characters. Popular cast members like Ayaka, Barbara, and Keqing have already received their own skins within the game, giving the characters an alternate appearance. Now, a trio of skins is set to come to the game with the upcoming Version 4.4.

While HoYoverse has yet to officially confirm Genshin Impact‘s new skins in Version 4.4, leaks have given players an early idea of which characters will receive new looks. Recent leaks from the game have suggested that a trio of Liyue characters will see skins added in the upcoming update, including popular five-star characters Ganyu and Shenhe. Four-star character Xingqiu is also expected to receive a skin during Version 4.4, with Genshin Impact‘s four-star character skins usually available for free during events. Now, fans are getting their first teaser of the new skins’ models.


Genshin Impact Leaks Shenhe and Ganyu Skins for Version 4.4

A new Genshin Impact leak gives more information about the upcoming outfits for Shenhe and Ganyu, expected to arrive during the Lantern Rite Festival

A new leak shared to the Genshin Impact leaks subreddit via leaker Fy Leaks has revealed the in-game models for Genshin Impact‘s Version 4.4 skins. The leak shows each skin in its un-textured form, showing off the model changes for Ganyu, Shenhe, and Xingqiu with their new skins. While the color palettes can’t be determined, the images do showcase a new hairstyle for Ganyu and the regal formal outfit worn by Xingqiu in his new skin. The trio of skins is rumored to be released during Genshin Impact‘s Version 4.4, currently expected to debut on January 31.


The three new skins coming to Genshin Impact are expected to arrive alongside the game’s annual “Lantern Rite” festivities. The yearly event whisks players back to the China-themed region of Liyue, typically bringing new story content surrounding the region and a massive event with plenty of mini-games and challenges. Version 4.4 will also welcome a pair of new Liyue characters to the game’s roster, with five-star Liyue Adeptus Xianyun releasing alongside four-star Pyro character Gaming.

Genshin Impact‘s return to the Liyue region is also expected to welcome a new area to the game’s map during Version 4.4. Leaks have heavily suggested the Version 4.4 update will introduce Chenyu Vale to the playable region. The map expansion will bring a new village to the northwestern corner of Liyue, as well as fill in the current gap in the map between Stormterror’s Lair and Liyue’s Qingce Village. New skins, new characters, and new places to explore look to have plenty in store for Genshin Impact players when Version 4.4 launches next month.

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