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As a pure damage dealer, it’s easy for Chiori to join teams in Genshin Impact. She’s a strong Sub-DPS who can effortlessly deal damage off-field and contribute nicely to the team’s overall damage. This is great for people who want to have a reliable Geo DPS.

However, despite her excellent damage-dealing ability, she only focuses on dealing DMG without having any single supportive mechanic, so she doesn’t synergize perfectly with someone like Hu Tao + Xingqiu or Itto + Gorou. Therefore, it can be a little confusing to find where she fits in and how she can be more valuable than the current party you’re comfortable with. To help with this, players can learn Chiori’s basic mechanic, which needs a Geo character that can create a Geo construct (or, on C1, simply a Geo character). Therefore, Chiori’s best team comp in Genshin Impact is narrowed to teams that consist of two Geos in the party.


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4 Chiori + Itto + C6 Gorou + Furina

itto-gorou-furina-and chiori team composition in genshin impact

Since Chiori depends on her DEF and Geo DMG, it is viable to use Gorou with her. In fact, C6 Gorou is one of the best buffers for Chiori in Genshin Impact. Of course, to get the most out of Gorou, you have to include another Geo unit, which is Itto for this team. Since there are 3 Geo units, the Geo Resonance is activated and Itto will greatly benefit from the debuff and buffs it carries.

Since there are no shielders, Crystallize reaction is a must in this team to take full advantage of the Geo Resonance’s effect. The last unit to join this team should be a character like Furina who can constantly apply Hydro and notably buff Chiori and Itto’s DMG. Furina’s off-field Hydro enabling will allow the team to constantly generate Crystallized shields, allowing Itto to benefit from the Geo Resonance in Genshin Impact. One thing to note is that Gorou should be built to heal in this setup, so he can synergize better with Furina.

Team Roles

  • Chiori: Sub-DPS
  • Itto: Main DPS
  • Gorou: Minor healer, buffer
  • Furina: Sub-DPS, Hydro enabler, buffer

3 C1 Chiori + Navia + Furina + Bennett

navia-furina-bennett-and chiori team composition in genshin impact

Since Navia is one of the rare Geo units that doesn’t generate Geo constructs, she doesn’t synergize well with Chiori since the latter loses a large portion of her DMG if she doesn’t have a Geo ally that can create Geo constructs. However, when Chiori gets her first Constellation, she will become a perfect partner to Navia since her C1 fixes all her limitations as long as she’s paired with another Geo unit. Now, since this team heavily relies on Navia’s DMG, Furina and Bennett are essential since they’re able to massively increase everyone’s DMG.

Team Roles

  • Chiori: Sub-DPS
  • Navia: Main DPS
  • Furina: Sub-DPS, Hydro enabler, buffer
  • Bennett: Healer, buffer

2 Chiori + Ningguang + Support

ningguang-support-and chiori team composition in genshin impact

If Navia isn’t available or Chiori hasn’t gotten her first Constellation yet, pairing her with Ningguang is viable since the Lady of the Jade Chamber is a powerful DPS in Genshin Impact. Both Geo units activate the Geo Resonance and can hit enemies hard with their high Geo DMG.

As for the additional two spots, finding decent Sub-DPS units that can constantly apply their Elements is a must to keep those Crystallize reactions going. Of course, the best options for Supports remain Furina and Bennett, since both units can make any character shine as a Main DPS with their enormous buffs.


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Team Roles

  • Chiori: Sub-DPS
  • Ningguang: Main DPS

1 Chiori + Zhongli + DPS

zhongli-dps-and chiori team composition in genshin impact

Pairing Chiori with Zhongli or Albedo is a very useful method to set up any DPS after them to deal significant DMG. Both units have their own way of being useful on the field, which is refreshing for any DPS. For Zhongli, the star of his kit is his shield and strong debuff. As for Albedo, he can create a significant number of off-field Geo applications and DMG with Chiori. Finally, as with any team that has two or more Geo units, the Geo Resonance also plays a role in making this team decisive.

Since Chiori and Zhongli already take two slots, the last two remaining slots should be for the best pairs in Genshin Impact. Two characters who would wreak havoc if they were summoned to the team. Units like:

  • Hu Tao and Xingqiu
  • Xiao and Xianyun or Faruzan
  • Raiden and Sara
  • Neuvillette and Furina

Team Roles

  • Chiori: Sub-DPS
  • Zhongli: Shielder, debuffer, buffer (with Tenacity of the Millelith)

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