Genshin Impact: 7 Best Off-field Enablers


  • Off-field enablers are crucial in Genshin Impact for triggering Elemental reactions and should be included in every team.
  • Kuki Shinobu, Kokomi, Yelan, Fischl, Xingqiu, Xiangling, and Nahida are some of the best off-field enablers in the game.
  • These characters excel in their respective Elements and provide strong enabling abilities, such as wide radius effects or high damage output.

Off-field enablers are very important units to have in Genshin Impact since they help drivers trigger Elemental reactions. A team must, at least, consist of one off-field enabler to synergize with the main carry.

It would be so tedious to keep switching between every one of the four characters to apply every one of their Elements. Instead, building the correct team should include both on-field strong hitters complemented by strong off-field enablers. With all that being said, here’s a list of the best off-field enablers in Genshin Impact.


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7 Kuki Shinobu

Electro Enabler with a Wide Range

kuki hangout first ending in genshin impact

One of the main reasons why Kuki is a top pick in every Hyperbloom team in Genshin Impact is the width of her Electro ring that she gets from her Elemental Skill. Once Kuki casts her Grass Ring of Sanctification out, it will continuously tick every two seconds and spread in a wide radius around her to touch every Bloom, turning them into Hyperblooms. This kind of Electro application crowed Kuki as one of the best Electro enablers in Genshin Impact.

6 Kokomi

Hydro Enabler with a Wide Range


Although it might sound simple, there’s no other character in the game that can do what Kokomi does with her off-field Hydro application in Genshin Impact. When casting her Elemental Skill, Kokomi summons a Hydro ring in front of her with a wide radius that can affect almost the entire field with Hydro. It also ticks every two seconds for a total of 12 seconds, but Kokomi can reset its timer by simply casting her elemental Burst, keeping the Hydro application active all over the field for a while. There’s no doubt that Kokomi is a strong healer, but, what makes her amazing is her unmatched Hydro-enabling powers.

5 Yelan

Not a Xingqiu, But Stronger

Genshin Impact Yelan teaser

Yelan’s kit is very similar to Xingqiu, which is not a bad thing at all. Everyone needs another Xingqiu. However, she’s not as good as him with Hydro enabling. However, she’s still an extremely strong Hydro enabler who can do her job perfectly.


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Other than Hydro enabling, Yelan is better than Xingqiu in everything else. She definitely brings more value to the team than him since her off-field damage is insanely high while she’s also applying a damage buff that can reach a whopping 50%. She also scales with HP where pairing her with another Hydro unit unlocks the Hydro Resonance, which further increases her damage.

4 Fischl

A 5-star in Disguise

Genshin Impact fischl

Before her C6, Fischl is a strong Electro enabler in Genshin Impact. However, after unlocking her C6, she becomes comparable to 5-star units in Genshin Impact, especially if she’s built with the Golden Troupe. C6 Fischl can follow up on almost every single Normal attack the active character does with an Electro hit from Oz. It allows her teams to enjoy a wide variety of Electro applications that can trigger so many Electro-related reactions, like Electro-charged and Overload.

In addition to all that, Fischl is a strong battery in Genshin Impact. So, with her strong off-field Electro enabling power, she’s also feeding her team Energy particles and getting their Elemental Bursts back in no time.

3 Xingqiu

Best Single-Target Hydro Enabler

tsundere xingqiu in genshin impact

There’s a main reason why Hu Tao is viewed as one of the best DPS in Genshin Impact. Funny enough, that reason is Xingqiu. Xingqiu is so good at applying Hydro, that he makes every single one of Hu Tao’s attacks trigger Vaporize. Not only that, many other teams fight to have Xingqiu be part of their roster, which makes it hard for players to enter content that requires two teams while having only one strong Hydro enabler like Xingqiu.

The best teams that depend on Xingqiu’s strong Hydro application are Vaporize teams made mostly by Hu Tao teams, Burgeon and Hyperbloom teams, and Electro-charged teams. He is excellent in all of them and can deliver flawlessly.

2 Xiangling

Was and Still a Broken Enabler

Genshin Impact Xiangling

Having no ICD on any of her attacks is unfair for any other Pyro user in Genshin Impact. Why would a character wait for ICD to cool down while Xiangling is just Pyronado everything out of existence without a single care in the world? Throughout the years, no matter what team you were building, if you needed a Pyro enabler, you always went for Xiangling.


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ICD is not the only reason why Xiangling is so good as a Pyro enabler. There’s also the long duration she has on her Elemental Burst that can be later increased with her C4. Xiangling, then, can keep her Elemental Burst up 100% of the time during combat. She’s truly one of the best Enablers in Genshin Impact.

1 Nahida

The Archon of Broken Enablers

xianyun and nahida teams in genshin impact

Ever since Nahida made it into the scene, she elevated Dendro teams to one of the most used teams in Genshin Impact. The main reason is her incomparable Dendro application when she marks enemies with her Elemental Skill. She then follows up every reaction with a Dendro hit that hits everyone she marked and refreshes the Dendro aura on them.

Her broken enabling powers don’t only make her a candidate to be in any Dendro team in Genshin Impact, she’s a must-have and the priority pick for every single one of them. So far, there’s no character dominating their Element like Nahida is.

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