Gen 2 Pokemon that Monster Hunter Wilds Should ‘Steal’


  • Monster Hunter Wilds should introduce new monsters that are impactful and of similar quality to the game’s previous impressive creatures, like Anjanath and Tobi-Kadachi.
  • Pokemon from Johto, such as Octillery and Girafarig, could serve as blueprints for new monster designs in Monster Hunter Wilds, bringing unique fighting styles and challenges to the game.
  • Taking inspiration from formidable Pokemon like Steelix and Tyranitar, Monster Hunter Wilds could create iconic and terrifying endgame bosses that offer players a thrilling and memorable battle experience.

Monster Hunter Wilds is going to need some exciting new monsters, and the native Pokemon of Johto could make for good role models. The first expansion to the Pokemon universe introduced players to a world of interesting new monster designs. Monster Hunter Wilds has a responsibility to do the same, bringing new monsters to add to the series’ large roster. Some Pokemon that debuted in Johto could serve as blueprints for Monster Hunter‘s next generation.

Monster Hunter Wilds is already innovating with a new mount, and its new monsters will need to be similarly impactful. In addition to the many monsters Monster Hunter Wilds can reuse, the game’s new creatures should also be of similar quality. The last couple of games alone have introduced impressive new monsters such as Anjanath, Tobi-Kadachi, and Aksonom. Monster Hunter Wilds has a prime opportunity to create more iconic creatures.


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The reveal of Monster Hunter Wilds included confirmation of at least one legacy monster, but there are plenty more that should join the roster.

Johto Had Several Good Ideas That Monster Hunter Wilds Could Learn From

Octillery’s Design Could Be Adapted Into Monster Hunter’s Aquatic Artillery

An octopus crossed with a tank turret, Octillery’s unusual design could be a dream for Monster Hunter. While most monsters are mobile and aggressive during fights, an Octillery-like species could take a different approach. It could use its powerful tentacles to anchor itself in place and swat hunters away while keeping them at bay with ranged attacks. This kind of unorthodox design and fighting style would make for a great gimmick in Monster Hunter Wilds.

Much like how Octillery can learn a variety of decently-strong moves of several different types, a similar monster in Monster Hunter could employ elements other than water to keep players on their toes.

Girafarig Could Become a Dual Threat in Monster Hunter Wilds

Girafarig is a giraffe-like Pokemon with two heads, one on each end. This concept could be recycled for an interesting design in Monster Hunter Wilds, creating a monster that is difficult to flank. Further following Girafarig’s design, each head could look different and have different attacks, requiring players to contend with two different sets of attack patterns. The concept would make for a weird monster, and certainly a memorable fight.

Monster Hunter Wilds Could Find a Serious Threat in a Metallic Serpent Like Steelix

As a thirty-foot-long iron snake, Steelix is one of the most imposing Pokemon in existence. A monster that replicates its impressive size and tough armor could become one of Monster Hunter‘s hardest hunts. Of course, the game could let players even the playing field by breaking its metal armor, similar to a Barroth’s hard-packed mud. Even with such a weakness, seeing a giant metal serpent emerge in Monster Hunter Wilds would be an incredible spectacle before the inevitable battle.

Steelix’s rocky pre-evolution Onix and gem-encrusted Mega Evolution show that despite Steelix’s relatively simple concept, Monster Hunter could make several variants of a similar monster.

Something Like Feraligatr Would Be a Frightening Sight in Monster Hunter Wilds’ Waterways

The most fearsome of Johto’s starters, Feraligatr could inspire the next monster to rule Monster Hunter‘s waterways. A big, brawling gator would present an obvious threat to any player, especially if it can fight equally well out of the water like Feraligatr itself. Feraligatr’s typical fighting style of biting, smashing, and thrashing around is pretty similar to how combat in Monster Hunter games often looks in the first place, so a similar monster would fit right into Monster Hunter Wilds.

Tyranitar Would be Endgame Material As a Foe in Monster Hunter Wilds

Tyranitar may not be a Legendary Pokemon, but its Pokedex entries make it sound like one. Said to be capable of reshaping continents with its strength and temper, Tyranitar could not only inspire a boss in Monster Hunter, but potentially an endgame boss. A battle with such a beast could see players struggling to contend with earthshaking attacks as well as blows from its rock-hard, Godzilla-like body. Monster Hunter Wilds taking inspiration from Tyranitar would be terrifying indeed.

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