Gather your friends and tackle the latest huge PvE raid in Blade & Soul Revolution

To state the rather obvious fact, one of the best things about MMORPGs is standing shoulder to shoulder with other players across the world as you work hard to overthrow the toughest enemies the game can throw at you, and Netmarble has just extended a new challenge in Blade & Soul Revolution.

Blade & Soul Revolution is the mobile take on NCSoft’s PC MMORPG Blade & Soul, a storied title that not only had this spin-off but also spawned an anime series. Revolution holds true to its PC roots thanks to its outstanding graphics and its massive 150 beautifully rendered cinematics.

The Cryo Gorge is a new PvE raid available at Heroic or Legendary level that pits 16 players against the Cryo Demon King in an epic showdown. No one is safe from this foe’s attacks as they are capable of covering a huge area thanks to their, surprisingly, Cryo Power. If you manage to beat them, you will earn yourself the Radiant Cryo Demon King Legendary Soul Shield, a rather wordy bit of kit that can increase stats such as Def. Ignore Attack Power, PvP Pierce Rate and Attack Reduction.

Until February 1st there are a host of events to tackle, starting with the Cryo Gorge Conquest Chronicles, a list of missions to complete that will reward Legendary Ticket Fragments and Heroic Ticket Fragments. If that isn’t enough fragments for you, then head to the Training Ground or Faction War to complete quests to earn Ancient Fragments.

For those looking for a new emote, you can get one in a MAVE: What’s My Name flavour by tackling the eponymous task list, which includes using Battle Stamina, so get busy. Finally, suppose you have a bit of Silver lying around, and you really like chests. In that case, you can buy the New Year Celebration Gift Chest 10+1, which includes items such as the Radiant Legendary Weapon Chest and the Radiant Legendary Accessory Chest. That must be one big chest.

Blade & Soul Revolution is available to download now from the App Store and Google Play.