Games Workshop Releases First New Warhammer: The Old World Novel In A Decade

Games Workshop continues to promote the return of Warhammer: The Old World. This revival of the original Warhammer Fantasy Battles wargame has seen reworked bases as well as brand-new models. Now, a brand new Black Library novel is coming out; the first new one in ten years.

The Warhammer: The Old World novel announcement

In an official Warhammer-Community post, Games Workshop went into detail about the new Warhammer: The Old World novel. The novel is called Lords of the Lance and it is written Graham McNeill.

Enjoy this detailed map. It has been a while.

The novel is set in the World of Legend era of Warhammer: The Old World. This is an era before the Colleges of Magic were established, and the Skaven menace has faded into myth.

But this era is still one full of adventure and intrigue. The son of Baron Lothar Aquilena of the Border Princes has been taken hostage. This leads to a tentative alliance between the Baron, Duke Carrad of Quenelles, and their warrior knights.

What follows is a treacherous expedition into the Land of the Dead, a place where the kings and queens of old roam with their legions, and where things struggle to live and thrive.

This Warhammer: The Old World novel will be available in regular hardback, eBook, audiobook, and a strictly limited special edition with a faux leather cover with screen-printed art and a blue-ribbon bookmark.

These limited editions will be numbered, autographed by McNeill, and will feature a special introduction as well as a special in-universe appendix, the Journal of Ebardus Evotarum.

The second half of the post is dedicated to an interview with McNeill, discussing his creative approach and the endeavor of returning to Warhammer: The Old World after so long. Why set it in World of Legend instead of the End Times? How does this tie to events in other novels? The list goes on.

As mentioned before, Lords of the Lance is the first brand new Warhammer: The Old World novel published by Black Library in a long time. The last official novel was The Serpent Queen written by Josh Reynolds and released in 2014.