Game Rant Recap for 03/11/23 – 03/17/23


  • Sea of Stars introduces new 3-player co-op mode, adding a fresh dynamic to its turn-based combat system for players to enjoy together.
  • Summer Game Fest is set to return on June 7, promising exciting announcements and reveals to kick off the gaming industry’s summer season.
  • Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection faces technical issues post-launch, as fans eagerly await fixes to server problems and other gameplay bugs.

Sea of Stars is unveiling a three-player co-op mode, Summer Game Fest returns this summer, and Aspyr’s Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection is having a brutal time getting up on its feet. Today, Game Rant’s weekly recap takes a look at some of the most notable headlines from the past week.

A lot more Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown content is coming soon, MultiVersus is finally ready for its comeback bout, and the community’s battle for democracy continues in Helldivers 2. All that and more in this week’s roundup of games industry news.


Silk Not Getting Her Own Marvel’s Spider-Man Game Would Be a Crying Shame

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 teased the debut of Insomniac’s Silk and immediately shuffling her into a bustling third installment would be a huge mistake.

Sea of Stars Getting 3-Player Co-op


Sea of Stars is receiving a three-player co-op mode called Single Player+. This mode incorporates Sea of Stars’ timing-based turn-based combat and allows players to journey together.

Summer Game Fest 2024 Date Announced


Geoff Keighley’s perennial Summer Game Fest is returning this summer. The live event’s kick-off is now scheduled for June 7.

Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection Off to a Bad Launch


Aspyr has commented on Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection’s woes following its critical lambasting. Since launch, the Classic Collection has dealt with horrible server issues and an abundance of other technical issues.

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown DLC Roadmap Revealed


Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown made a name for itself as a reinvention of the IP as well as a wonderful 2.5D Metroidvania. Now, Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown has announced a full DLC roadmap of content for players to anticipate.

MultiVersus’ New Release Date and Big Changes Announced


After a lengthy shutdown hiatus, MultiVersus is poised to make its comeback. When it returns, it will be fashioned with a new game engine and a brand-new PvE game mode among other huge changes.


Stray was a fascinating little indie game with an adorable protagonist, but if a sequel or spin-off isn’t capitalized on soon it could slip into obscurity and the niche of its cute gimmick could be fleeting.

Movies & TV

The Sims works as an immersive life simulation franchise with nearly endless possibilities and creativity, but translating that formula to a live-action adaptation might have odd challenges.


Helldivers 2 has several unique mission objectives spread among Automaton and Terminid planets, and the kinds of objectives players have will differ based on which planet they land on.

Game Rant Exclusives

This month’s Game Rant Advance covers Alone in the Dark with interviews that shed light on the survival horror game’s modern reimagining.



MultiVersus is a 2D side-scrolling platform fighter that includes a wide array of Warner Bros. characters. Players can choose between characters like Shaggy, Batman, Steven Universe, Jake the Dog, and more.

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