Funplus and Skydance announce Foundation: Galactic Frontier based on classic Isaac Asimov setting

  • FunPlus and Skydance are collaborating for a new game based on the Foundation series
  • Foundation: Galactic Frontier will draw inspiration from both the novels and television series
  • It promises both thrilling space battles and a cerebral narrative experience

Funplus and Skydance have announced a brand new game, Foundation: Galactic Frontier that brings the world of Isaac Asimov’s acclaimed sci-fi novels to the palm of your hand. Inspired by the equally acclaimed TV series Foundation created by Skydance, set in the same universe, Galactic Frontier promises epic space battles and an immersive narrative experience.

Isaac Asimov, often regarded as one of the founding members of modern science-fiction literature, crafted the Foundation series throughout his life. Set in the distant future it depicts the decline and fall of a great galactic empire, and the efforts of scientist Hari Seldon and his successors to accelerate the rise of a new empire in order to avoid a millennia-long dark age.

Foundation: Galactic Frontier is set to hit both iOS and Android at some point in the near future.

Big and bold

Tackling a series like Foundation is a difficult challenge for a television series, let alone a video game. However, judging by the description of the plot, which sees you take on the role of a trader and captain exploring the galaxy, facing various obstacles and challenges along the way, it seems this will take a much narrower view of the setting. This is probably for the best as trying to translate something like Asimov’s famously philosophical stories would probably be difficult if not impossible.

While we don’t have a set release date for Foundation: Galactic Frontier, we’d hazard a guess that it would be sometime before the end of the year. Pre-registration is now open on the game’s official site, with requisite sign-up rewards.

And if something as cerebral as Foundation isn’t quite your cup of tea, why not check out the upcoming title from Mad Mushroom and LightFox Games? Rumble Club promises to be a thrilling, goofy physics-based PVP game debuting in April.

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