Funniest Ways To Die In Baldur’s Gate 3


  • Prepare to die in various hilarious ways in
    Baldur’s Gate 3
    , from traps to friendly fire and being pushed off the map.
  • Watch out for deadly encounters with creatures like a tiny pink frog or a mindflayer that can eat your brains if kissed.
  • Avoid making risky choices like trading your soul for a night with Harleep or letting Astarion get carried away when quenching his thirst.

Baldur’s Gate 3 was one of the greatest RPGs to release in 2023, with the game not only winning Game of the Year, but also plenty of other awards for its impressive story, interesting characters, and amazing gameplay. In a turn-based RPG like Baldur’s Gate 3, players are likely to die a lot, but that doesn’t have to be such a pain.


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BG3 has managed to make many of the countless ways players are able to die hilarious and certainly something a player should try experiencing during their playthrough. Be it helping a friend in need that takes a little more than he should, or taunting a god, these are by far the funniest ways to die in Baldur’s Gate 3.

8 Activating Traps

Countless Traps Will Explode, Burn, Or Poison Tav & Allies

Baldurs Gate 3 Mage Hand Disarm Traps Explosion

Perception is an important skill to have in both Dungeons and Dragons as well as Baldur’s Gate 3. As players adventure across the three acts of the RPG, they are likely to encounter all sorts of traps that can cause the end of the party’s adventure.

Act one has some of the best cases of this, from the chance of being part of an Indiana Jones-style trap as the player gets chased by a boulder, or just being plain greedy and stealing from a tomb that can end up exploding the entire room. When the shock has settled, a player will always be left laughing.

7 Friendly Fire

Spells & Explosives Can Easily Kill Allies


Players will need to learn early into their adventure of BG3that any spell they use can also affect their own allies. There are plenty of occasions where a simple miss-click may see the end of Gale as he stands directly in the line of fire when trying to deal with a boss.

Thankfully, players can also throw potions at their allies, though even that can be deadly depending on what feats the player has chosen for that character. Overall, players should always pay attention to how big of a radius the spell is, or if they might blow up an ally when attacking.

6 Pushed Off The Map

Enemies Can Shove Tav & Allies Off The Edge To Fall To Their Deaths


Players who have been thinking tactfully about Baldur’s Gate 3 have likely made the most of the push mechanic when dealing with various enemies. Many players also seem to forget that they aren’t the only ones who are able to push and therefore end up surprised when Astarion is thrown to his death by the enemy.


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There will be countless unlucky yet funny times when the player or their allies are launched off the map by an enemy’s use of Shove, and they are forced to watch them fall to their death. Even when many, every time is sure to garner a chuckle or two.

5 Kissing A Mindflayer

Giving A Dying Mindflayer A Kiss Will See Their Brains Eaten

Baldur's Gate 3 Mind Flayer

Baldur’s Gate 3 is praised for its interesting story and choices. While some of the choices the player is able to make are quite serious, others can have hilarious repercussions. During the first act of BG3, once players have escaped the Mindflayer ship, they are likely to find an injured and dying Mindflayer in the wreckage.

Usually, a player will destroy this abomination that captured them, but it is possible to take pity on this poor octopus and bend down to give it a kiss. Naturally, it eats the player’s brains and leaves them dead on the floor, while their allies are forced to now kill the Mindflayer and revive the lifeless corpse of their leader.

4 Death By Frog

A Tiny Pink Frog Can Use Acid To Kill Curious Players

Addled Frog in Baldur's Gate 3

Another hilarious encounter in the first act that will likely lead to an unprepared player’s death, is the tiny pink frog that can be found in the swamp to the west of the map. While adorable, this creature is deadly.

Talking to the toad with no Speaking With animals spell or potion will give the player little answers but will likely make the frog aggressive to them. If a player is lucky, they’ll survive the first blast of acid from this horrifying frog, but its unlikely that they will survive the second.

3 Trade Tav’s Soul For A Night With Harleep

Harleep With Leave Players Soulless, Thus, Killing Them

Harleep in Baldur’s Gate 3

Raphael isn’t the only devil players are likely to meet during their adventure in BG3. Another popular demon that many players have fallen head over heels for is the flirtatious Harleep. During the final act of the RPG, players are given the chance to sleep with Harleep, but depending on the choices made, this can lead to satisfaction for only one person in that tango.


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No matter how tempting it is for the player to give the entirety of themselves to Harleep, they shouldn’t do it as they will be left soulless and, therefore, dead. Trading a soul for one night of fun can’t be worth it, surely?

2 Letting Astarion Drink All Of Tav’s Blood

Astarion Can Get Too Carried Away When Asking Tav To Quench His Hunger

Baldur's Gate 3 Astarion Biting The Main Character

As the hero of the story usually, players may have a hard time saying no to their allies, and this can lead to plenty of hilarious yet shocking moments. When discovering that Astarion is a vampire, he will be in the middle of attempting to bite the player’s neck, claiming that he’s incredibly hungry and only wants a drop.

Those who have fallen in love with the red eyes of this vampire may agree to let him have a nibble as long as he doesn’t kill them. Well, if the player fails the necessary dice roll to push him away or persuade him to stop, they can forget waking up in the morning, and will instead need Astarion to revive them.

1 Vlaakith Wishes For Tav’s Entire Party To Die

Taunting Vlaakith Causes An Instant Party Death

Baldurs Gate 3 Creature Size Guide Vlaakith Meeting Creche Large

Out of all the funny ways a player can die in Baldur’s Gate 3, by far one of the funniest also starts during the cross between the first and second act of the title. Players who have decided to go to the Githyanki Creche have the chance to meet the god of the Githyanki, Vlaakith. She expects to be respected and will demand the player to do something for her.

The player can cheekily tell her to do it herself if she’s so powerful. A bad idea, Vlaakith proves her might by simply wishing for the player and her party’s end, killing them all, and causing the game over screen to pop up.