February 3, 2023

Achievements and trophies in survival video video games are often a little bit bit troublesome now and again. Sure, you’ll get a few easy ones, nonetheless to complete the entire itemizing and get the platinum trophy, you’ll have to develop right into a grasp of the wilds. That’s the case with Stranded Deep, which may have you ever leaping between islands and stopping to survive on quite a few restricted property. Proper right here is the entire itemizing of achievements and trophies in Stranded Deep.

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All achievements and trophies in Stranded Deep

There are an entire of 35 achievements or 36 trophies in Stranded Deep.

  • Preserve Alive (PlayStation solely) – Collected all trophies
  • Horrific Pacific – Full the tutorial
  • Fish are Buddies – Go 10 consecutive days with out consuming a fish
  • Sometime when the boss will get offended – Pores and pores and skin a crab
  • Guess who’s gon’ be on the plate? – Cook dinner dinner crab meat
  • Fishing season is open! – Catch your first fish with the fishing rod
  • Once more to the stone age – Crafted a stone instrument
  • Have you ever ever ever seen so many seagulls? – Found your self surrounded by a flock of seagulls
  • Island Hopper – Go to an island apart from the first
  • Island Hermit – Spend 10 consecutive days on one island
  • Gone Inexperienced – Spend 10 consecutive days with out consuming meat
  • Seafarer – Don’t sleep on land for 10 consecutive days
  • Hunter of the Extreme Seas – Collect one sea monster trophy
  • Thread fastidiously – Make some materials using the loom
  • The ocean’s harvest – Catch 10 fish with the fishing rod
  • Truly shifting up in life – Craft the hobo vary
  • Plant it and it’ll develop – Plant your first farm lot
  • Who desires the ocean anyway? – Have thought-about considered one of each farm crop planted on the an identical island
  • One different day, one different shore – Assemble a camp fire on 5 distinct islands
  • Working with my arms – Craft 20 devices
  • Clay ought to actually really feel happy in potter’s hand – Make a clay flask
  • Day 10 – Survive for 10 days
  • Put the engine in engineering – Craft a motor boat
  • The place I lay my head is dwelling – Craft a sleeping bag
  • Oceanic DaVinci – Craft the gyrocopter
  • Identify me Ahab – Collect all sea monster trophies
  • Is that this Ithaca? – Assemble a camp fire on 10 distinct islands
  • One different one bites the mud – Scavenge all survivor remnants on the islands
  • Lean, indicate, crafting machine – Craft 40 devices
  • I hear “industrial” is in development – Craft 10 gadgets of of furnishings using corrugated scrap
  • Moderately much less lonely – Uncover Wollie
  • Magnets, how do they work? – Finish a play by with out ever using a compass
  • Day 20 – Survive for 20 days
  • Two of each – Collect two of each land animal in your raft, and sail proper right into a storm
  • Gotta craft all of them! – Make thought-about considered one of each craftable merchandise
  • Out of the frying pan – Full the game

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