September 29, 2023

Want to know more about Fruit Battlegrounds Rubber? This guide has all you need to know! We cover what Rubber is, its benefits, and how to obtain it. Stick around to also learn what we know about TS Rubber.

The gigantic anime, One Piece, inspired Fruit Battlegrounds. Step into this experience as you use gems to spin for fruits that have unique abilities (and appearances!). These fruits then enhance your fighting as you go up against other real-time players. This pleasantly simplistic game invites you to utilise different fruits in PvP battles to score a win. Go up against your friends, earn bounty, and unlock better fruits to dominate the competition and dub yourself the strongest!

Want to know more? Check out the game’s Official Website. Psst, we also have a Fruit Battlegrounds Codes post, as well as a Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List, Fruit Battlegrounds All Fruit Guide, or even our guide on How To Get Gear 5 In Fruit Battlegrounds!

Fruit Battlegrounds Rubber

Gomu Gomu No Mi!

What Is Rubber?

Rubber Fruit – Gomu Gomu No Mi, is a Devil Fruit consumable which grants the player the ability to let their body take the properties of Rubber. It can be obtained through doing spins, where it has a 6.92% chance of being rolled, making this fruit an uncommon reward.


  • Good damage output
  • Decent range capability
  • High combo potential
  • Good stuns
  • Speed, damage, knockback, and range all increase when in 2nd Transformation.


  • Extremely small pistol hitbox
  • Requires skill to use since it is hard to hit in PvP.
  • You need to close in to land the moves (excluding Pistol).
  • Difficult to hit opponents with pistol/bazooka if you are not in the 2nd gear transformation, or don’t have decent aim.
  • Gear 2 pistol can freeze you in place, unable to do anything.
  • In gear 2nd you are effectively lacking pistol due to the aforementioned bug, leaving you without your main attack.

What Is TS Rubber?

TS Rubber (Time Skip Rubber), is the stronger counterpart to Rubber. With a spin chance of 0.06%, (0.12% during the 2x Event currently happening!) this fruit immediately jumps from uncommon to legendary! It’s quite the OP fruit which can also be awakened, which we have a guide on Here.


  • Great damage
  • 2 powerful combo starters and extenders (Jet Pistol and Jet Gatling)
  • Low cooldown times
  • Transformation that excels in both PVE and PVP (against players who don’t block)
  • Elastic Propulsions allow you to fly at good speed
  • Kong Gattling has very little startup and does a lot of damage


  • Culverin has a long startup and can be blocked
  • King Kong Gun has a terrible hitbox
  • To fully unlock all moves, including Gear Fourth, it requires high mastery

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