Fruit Battlegrounds – how to level up fast

There are several anime-inspired experiences in Roblox, one of the most enjoyable being Fruit Battlegrounds. It offers captivating gameplay and is the most rewarding for gamers who grind continuously. As a result, one of your key goals when playing Fruit Battlegrounds should be to progress through the levels.

With a massive level cap, levelling up wouldn’t be quick, and you must put in hours of gameplay. Fortunately, you may employ a few tactics to make the process a bit easier on your end. You can check out the section below for a detailed guide on how to level up fast in Fruit Battlegrounds.

How to level up fast in Fruit Battlegrounds

You might think that Boss Battles would be the primary source of acquiring experience and gaining levels. However, there is another incredible alternative that you have available. Essentially, the game rewards you with experience points upon every usage of skills inside the game. This is why you may just simply spam skills and climb through the levels.

Listed below are in-detail specifics of the main ways to level up faster in Fruit Battlegrounds:

1) Spamming Skills (Using Macros)

As mentioned above, spamming skills are the finest way to gain experience points in Fruit Battlegrounds. It’s similar to Elder Scrolls games in this aspect. Nonetheless, doing the same will get tiresome and dull after a while. So, it would be better to automate the process by utilizing macros.

Although macros are prohibited in a few Roblox games, you can use them without any worries inside Fruit Battlegrounds. Setting them up is quite simple, and it wouldn’t take you a few minutes to get the process going by itself.

A popular application you can use for this purpose would be “TinyTask”. It will enable you to loop your actions and make the process of spamming skills easier. You may then leave the game on and level up without even putting in any effort.

2) Boss Fights

If you don’t want to use macros and want to grind the straightforward way, boss fights would be another excellent approach to level up in Fruit Battlegrounds. Inflicting damage and taking down the different bosses will result in considerable experience points.

Thus, once you get to the stage where you can comfortably face the various bosses, you can go ahead with the boss fights and garner the experience points. You will, however, have to remember that there will be other players on the servers alongside you grinding via the boss fights. You will have to be careful as they could take you down.

3) 2x EXP Gamepass

This final method is for the ones who aren’t on the free-to-play path and are willing to spend real money on Fruit Battlegrounds. You can simply end up purchasing the 2x EXP Gamepass inside the game to get double the amount of experience points and level up a lot quicker.

The particular pass will cost you 499 Robux, which not everyone can utilize in a game to level up quickly.

That’s it for the guide on how to level up fast in Fruit Battlegrounds. In addition to this one, we have talked about the best wood in Lumber Tycoon 2 and Elemental Dungeons guide to Elemental Blade.