Front Mission 2: Remake Hits PC, PlayStation, and Xbox Later This Month, PC Demo Coming Today

Forever Entertainment has announced that Front Mission 2: Remake is leaving its Switch exclusivity pen and making its way to PC and consoles later this month.

The mecha strategy game, which first hit the Switch late last year, will arrive on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox on April 30th, the publisher has revealed.

If you’re wondering whether it’s worth your while or not, a demo for Front Mission 2: Remake will also be available on PC later today. No mention of the demo coming to consoles has been made, unfortunately.

Front Mission 2: Remake is coming to PC and consoles soon.

This remake marks the first time Front Mission 2 has been available outside of Japan. It follows on from the remake of the original Front Mission, which launched for Switch in November 2022 and arrived on other platforms in June last year.

The story follows an uprising on the part of the Alordesh Army, which declares independence from the Oceania Cooperative Union after a severe economic downturn brought about by the first game’s war.

You’ll play as three characters – Ash, Lisa, and Thomas – in a story that “goes beyond a simple dichotomy between good and evil”, according to Forever Entertainment.

You can check out the release date announcement trailer for Front Mission 2: Remake on non-Switch platforms right here.

Naturally, this version of the game will also boast a number of improvements over the original title.

These improvements include faster loading times, support for new languages, and a new camera option that lets you view Wanzer models in detail, as well as new options for coloring and camouflage and “modern in-game effects”.

You can also look forward to a reworked soundtrack that should hopefully bring the compositions of the original game into the modern era.

Front Mission 2: Remake launches for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox on April 30th. Stay tuned for more.