Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End – Every Main Character’s Age, Species, & Class


  • Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End is an anime with familiar fantasy races like elves, dwarves, demons, and humans.
  • The story features characters from different races with varying ages and class preferences.
  • The protagonist, Frieren, is an incredibly powerful elven mage with a lifespan of over 1000 years, while other characters like Himmel, Heiter, and Stark have much shorter lifespans due to being human.

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End is an anime set in a fantasy setting featuring races that would be recognizable to any fan. Those include elves, dwarves, demons, and classical humans.


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The story itself contains characters from all of those races, and due to their physiological differences, they tend to vary in age vastly, as well as have different preferences when it comes to class. Here are some key characters that take part in the story and their respective characteristics.








Flashbacks: 26 At death: 76








Over 100 years
















Over 500




Over 1000

8 Himmel:

Human, Hero, 26(Flashbacks), 76(Death)

Himmel Frieren

Despite bearing the title ‘hero,’ Himmel is not the main protagonist of the story. His death is shown in the first episode of the show, but he serves as a driving force for Frieren, who slowly processes her feelings for him and uses her previous journey as guidance in her new one. His being a human makes him have a lifespan far shorter than any elf, hence the untimely parting.

While Himmel is shown as an old man in the first episode, most of the time, viewers see him in flashbacks where he’s still in his prime at age 26.

7 Heiter:

Human, Priest, Age Unknown


One of Friesen’s and Himmel’s original companions. Heiter often serves as the heart of the Hero Party. Despite his occupation as a priest, he’s relatively easygoing and has found his joy in simple pleasures, especially drinking. He’s also a loyal friend whom others can always count on during their journey.


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Unlike Himmel, his exact age is unknown. However, there are fan theories that speculate on the topic. Many presume him to be older than Himmel, and considering that he died 20 years after the former, he could have crossed the 100-year line.

6 Eisen:

Dwarf, Warrior, Over 100 Years


Eisen is the muscle of the hero party; he is a classic dwarf who excels in the art of melee combat and is always ready to defend his allies in their battles. There is more to him than a brawl. However, he is an adoptive father to Stark and acts as a wise mentor for him.

As a dwarf, his lifespan exceeds humans by a few hundred years, but he is still nowhere near an elf. Unlike human members of the hero party, Eisen doesn’t die of old age despite being past his prime.

5 Sein:

Human, Priest, Age Unknown


Sein is the latest addition to Frieren’s new party. Similar to Heiter, he is a priest and has quite an easygoing personality, but he is also quite mature, which allows him to help younger members of the party with advice. Similar to them, however, he hungers for an adventure.

Sein’s exact age is unknown. However, he is likely older than Stark and Fern, which makes him the older of the human members of Frieren’s party. He’s likely younger than Heiter at the time of his journey.

4 Stark:

Human, Warrior, 17/18


One of the more hotheaded and chaotic members of Frieren’s party, Stark, is Eisen’s adoptive son and a former student of his. Fittingly, he takes on his role as a warrior. His personality is quite different from Eisen’s, as Stark is more outwardly emotional and impatient, and he has a more pronounced struggle with his fear of powerful opponents.

A lot of this can be explained by his youth; Stark is a teenager who turns 18 over the course of the story and is still relatively inexperienced, having much and more to learn.

3 Fern:

Human, mage, 18


One of the key characters and an apprentice to Frieren, Fern is a talented mage with huge potential, which she slowly unravels during the story. She is quite curious about the world around her but can be quite impatient and emotional, making her a foil to her mentor, Frieren. A lot of the story is focused on her journey and development.


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In the first few episodes of the Anime show, Fern goes through her teenage years until she is eighteen, still leaving her quite young and inexperienced.

2 Aura:

Demon, Mage, Over 500

aura frieren best anime villains of 2023

A major early antagonist of the show, Aura is a servant of the Demon King and an old enemy of Frieren and the Hero Party. She is a ruthless woman whose main purpose is to spread chaos and suffering, preying on humans much like all other demons.

As a demon, she’s able to have an exceptionally long lifespan. While Aura’s exact age is unknown, she was confirmed to be older than 500 years, that being the time when she earned her title as a Sage of Destruction.

1 Frieren:

Elf, Mage, Over 1000 Years

frieren best female characters of 2023

The protagonist and the titular character of the Anime, Frieren is an elven mage, incredibly talented and powerful. She is a member of both the Hero Party and her own team. Quite detached from the rest of the world, she dedicated her life to studying magic but ended up taking on an apprentice for her new adventure.

As an elf, her lifespan vastly exceeds any other race. She is still in her prime despite being over 1000 years old. This is also a curse, however, as she has to watch her friends die and pass away far too quickly.

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