September 24, 2023

Fortnite has had many fantastic items over the past six years. We’ve been in Chapter 4 since December 2022, and Epic Games has released numerous fantastic mobility items throughout it. The new season is not an exception, as it has the Rocket Ram, a fan-favorite weapon.

Before the Rocket Ram, players enjoyed the Shockwave Hammer and the Kinetic Blade. The hammer came out in the first season of Chapter 4, while the blade was in the game in Season 2. Fortunately, it appears that Epic will bring the blade back to the game, and this could happen very soon.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Will Kinetic Blade return to Fortnite in Season 4?

Epic Games teased the return of the Kinetic Blade in the Season 4 trailer. The item, also known as a katana, was shown on Kado Thorne’s back. According to the latest leak, the item will return to Fortnite and will have a new texture and possibly a new name.

Katana_Vampire is a codename of the weapon, which could be a reference to a Mythic version of it. Epic will likely release a few more Mythic items throughout the season, and this could be one of them. Kado Thorne is a vampire, which is why there’s a good chance the item will be named after him.

Considering that Season 4 will include the Fortnitemares event, Epic Games could bring the fan-favorite Fortnite item with a Halloween update. While the Rocket Ram is a fantastic item, the Kinetic Blade is much more flexible and can be used to quickly travel over the map.

In Chapter 4 – Season 2, Epic had two versions of the katana: Rare (Blue) and Epic (Purple). While the damage of these variants was similar, one big difference was the amount of charges they had. The Rare version had two charges, while the Epic had three. Due to this, we expect Kado’s katana to possibly have four or more charges.

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