Fortnite Updates Every Mode At Once Based on Community Feedback

The Fortnite X (Formally Twitter) announced an update to Fortnite that went over every new game mode introduced in the Big Bang. This patch delivers fixes and balance tweaks, but they were mostly from community feedback. These were things that the community asked for, and Epic Games listened and adjusted them.

The tweet’s immediate result was many comments from players, who were kind and thanked the developer for listening. Each update in the official patch notes highlighted by the tweet notes how it was asked for. It’s strange to see a developer take player feedback into account in such a huge way.

For example, Crouching and sprinting speeds have been bumped up, camera movement refined, and even the animations polished to match in Battle Royale mode. Many said they didn’t like fumbling for Society Medallions in the heat of battle, so the map icons have been re-vamped to stand out. There’s also a visual noise reduction on the minimap when multiple Medallion zones converge.

Shadowy areas have also been brightened, and the edge of the storm has been made more visible, so you’ll always know where the danger zone lies. The Frenzy Auto Shotgun and Thunder Burst SMG have received distinctive makeovers so players can stop confusing them.

LEGO Fortnite changed the food so it fills the hunger bar more effectively. A pesky bug causing item loss during aboveground/belowground transitions has been squashed, and the durability of weapons has been significantly increased. That is in addition to the tuned-down damage of Sand Scorpions, regular Scorpions, and their icy counterparts.

Rocket Racing is also getting a big change. The queue times are getting reduced, and bumping into another racer won’t send you spinning off course anymore, thanks to adjustments to car collisions.

The most surprising is that fall damage has been disabled in the Backstage area of the Fortnite Festival. This is something that Epic Games didn’t have to do since it wasn’t really part of the experience, but now players can take that daring leap off the balcony without consequence.

The full list of updates can be found in the patch notes, but it’s incredible to see how much was changed just because players asked for it. It’s a winning situation for Fortnite players.