Fortnite Rocket Racing: How to Rank Up

Fortnite Rocket Racing is perfect for those who love racing because that’s what it’s all about, and the developers have even added a rank system with various rewards to encourage players further. In this guide, you will learn how to rank up in Fortnite Rocket Racing. Ranking up is a long and complicated process, so you need to be not only active but also diligent in learning the mechanics and strengthening your skills.


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How to Increase Rank in Fortnite Rocket Racing

Fortnite Rocket Racing: car

Your main goal will be to win races all the time, so without proper preparation, it can be difficult. Therefore, the main thing you need to focus on is training, so don’t try to be the best from the start, instead, try your best to understand the game more and learn all the rules.

In general, there are 8 ranks in the game, but if you consider the sub-ranks, the total number for them is 19. If you have not played a single match, you will be Unranked. When you complete your first race, you will receive the Bronze 1 rank, and then you can progress linearly up to Unreal. To help you better understand what awaits you, here is a list of all the ranks in the game:

Ranks Sub-Ranks
Bronze Bronze 1
Bronze 2
Bronze 3
Silver Silver 1
Silver 2
Silver 3
Gold Gold 1
Gold 2
Gold 3
Platinum Platinum 1
Platinum 2
Platinum 3
Diamond Diamond 1
Diamond 2
Diamond 3

As you can see, the last 3 ranks do not have sub-ranks, because the races there are really hellish, and the evaluation system will be tougher. These results will be achieved only by real gamers and e-sportsmen who will spend most of their time developing their skills in the game. Therefore, to achieve such a result, you should constantly hone your skills and use various tips and tricks to gain an advantage over your opponents. If the equivalent of the matches you win is greater than the ones you lose, your rank will increase and vice versa.

Initially, try to get at least a Gold rank. Then, try to get higher places to get more points and move on to new divisions.



July 25, 2017

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