Fortnite players find game-breaking issue that needs to be fixed ASAP

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There are plenty of advantages to Fortnite being crossplay compatible, however, it can also create game-breaking scenarios, with players calling for this issue to be fixed ASAP! It’s generally accepted that a keyboard and mouse setup is superior to using a controller, which is just one advantage PC players have over those on a console.

Yet, that isn’t the only area where an inherent advantage is apparent. Unlike the difference between controller and keyboard and mouse, this is one that Epic Games could easily address in Fortnite.

This Fortnite problem is clear to see

We’re always trying to improve at our favourite games. Aiming to become the best you can in Fortnite is no different. With the Olympian boss gods taking over in Chapter 5 Season 2, you want to emulate their godlike abilities on the battlefield and destroy all enemies that come your way.

However, sometimes you may be up against an opponent that has a clear advantage. This could just be down to the system they play the game on. PC gamers often have superiority over console players, as pointed out in this Reddit post from u/Forward_Number293:

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When describing a battle with an enemy that started out positively, the OP goes on to say: “Out of nowhere, bullets start coming through the grass and he melts me while I’m at full health and overshield. I couldn’t see him at all, but there was no tall grass on his screen, so I died. The foggy woods by Rebels Roost is another part of the map where console players are at a massive disadvantage. I watch PC streams and it is totally unfair how easily they can see people that console players just can’t.”

This point was backed up by u/ElRetardoGiganto, who added: “I’m a [PC] player who recently started playing on PS5 and it really is almost a different game. I didn’t realize how dark some areas could get with all the pretty lighting effects forced on”.

Unless you play on multiple platforms or watch streams from platforms other than yours, this may not have been an issue you encountered. Yet, there is definitely a visual advantage to playing on PC.

However, this may not apply to all PC players. Instead, it could just be for those who opt to use Performance Mode in their rendering settings. This disables many of the rendering features of the game, which reduces details such as shadows and grass. Despite giving worse visuals, it increases FPS and gives a simplified environment where it is easier to spot enemies.

As pointed out by u/KundaliniRising333: “The fact that PC players can and most often [d]o turn their graphics setting all the way down just to have an unfair advantage is reason enough [crossplay] should not be forced. It’s essentially a [baked-in] hack for games like this.”

It’s an interesting point. While we love games with crossplay, it does seem unfair that one system clearly has superiority. The fact that PC gamers have the ability to adjust this setting but console users don’t isn’t great. Many in the comments section suggested having separate servers for PC players. Another fix could be raising the minimum rendering baseline which is currently used. Whatever the solution, we hope that Epic Games can implement something soon so that this game-breaking issue in Fortnite can be fixed.

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